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Episode 47

Unexpected Surprises Jay stretched from the chair in the office that was slowly taking shape around him. The constant hammering and drilling was making his head hurt. Caitlin was talking to a designer about the advertisements for positions. It had only been two weeks but the club was taking serious shape already. He hadn’t been bothered by Ebony for a few weeks but that unnerved him. Caitlin had told him about a mystery woman who had approached her about a job and that bothered him too. He knew the clubs were going to be ligit but it didn’t mean that undercover cops or enemies wouldn’t try and sneak in to gain access to privileged information. Rubbing his eyes and leaning on his desk, he walked beyond the screen that was separating the office area from the rest of the club. Caitlin was standing by the now finished DJ booth, equipped with the best DJ equipment on the market and plush couches and a viewing screen. The dance floor had to be laid but the purple carpet was laid on the stairs to VIP and the mechanics of the wall of water that would cascade down between the main area and the VIP area were in place. The lights that would light up the glass dance floor that was yet to be built lay ready to sparkle. The walls were painted a smoky ready purple and would glow in parts when lights were dimmed. Caitlin had come up with the name already and the club was revolving well around that name. Seduction. Everything about the place screamed it. The velvet couches covered in deep red cushions, the black wrought iron tables, the ebony topped bar with the gleaming red and gold shelves behind holding the beers. Even the uniforms were hot. Not slutty, his girlfriend would never permit that but they were beautiful and classy. The men would wear black trousers, red shirts and purple waist coats while the ladies would wear red , velvet off the shoulder dresses that ran to their knees. The managers would wear black trousers, purple shirts and a purple trimmed with gold waistcoat while the female manager would wear a purple velvet dress. Every last detail had been designed. The bathrooms were unisex and were white with light purple floor and wall tiles. Even the taps were seductive, according to the manufacturer. He wasn’t worried about the budget, despite going over as he knew, all of Hollywood would want up in this club. It would appeal to the A-Listers and would appeal to the ones who wished they were on the A-list. “Miss Dawson?” A voice called from across the club. Caitlin turned from her advertisements designer to the voice. “Yes,?” She turned and walked toward the person. She had no idea who they were and part of her was anxious but then she remembered JC was around so whatever happened he would help her handle. They’d received death threats because of the club. Both from past clientele and from competing club owners. “My name is Lavinia Optania,” She smiled but Caitlin couldn’t decide if it was a friendly or non friendly smile just yet. “I work for Black Hood Records, have you heard of them?” Of course she had. They’d dealt with BHR a few times when she worked for LA Events. “Yes, I am familiar with your company. I used to deal with Nate, I worked for LA Events,” Caitlin responded. “Ah, yes, Nate was promoted to tour manager. I took over PR now. My boss was wondering if he could do a deal with you guys over here?” Lavinia sounded hopeful but caitlin wasn’t sure what her boss wanted. He was notoriously demanding and apparently an asshole to work with in the music industry. He was a famous rapper too and Caitlin had once liked his music but wasn’t sure he was much good now the fame went to his head. “Come and sit in my make shift office, lets talk,” Caitlin motioned toward the screen and Lavinia followed. She was a tall, 30 something black woman with short, cropped hair and gentle eyes. She was green in regard to business but she’d had the shit scared out of her mind by Anton Briggs, her boss. He wanted this deal and it better come back as good if not better when she’d seen the little white girl. “Mr Briggs was wondering if you guys would like him to perform at the opening night and in return he’d get free entry to VIP without question with his entourage for the foreseeable,” Lavinia smiled sweetly hoping she was coming across OK. “Anton Briggs?” JC was behind caitlin now, staring hard at the woman she was with. If Lavinia had thought Anton Briggs was a piece of work, then this guy was something else. The cold, hard look in his eyes was eerie and disturbing. He could kill with those eyes, Lavinia would swear to it. “Yes, sir,” Lavinia wondered who he was. A body guard to the pretty young girl, maybe? “Well, I’m not sure, what about you baby? Does that hinder any policies or upset any risk assessments?” Baby? They were involved. Well, Anton Briggs hadn’t banked on that one had he? She’d resign she decided if this didn’t go well. “Well, I’d have to do a risk assessment but I’d like a meeting with him myself, just to clarify things. Set it up, Ms Optania and give me a call. I’m not saying no, I’m just saying set up a meeting.” Feeling pleased with herself, Lavinia left and returned to the record label she had only worked for for six months. “You really gonna give that nigga free access to VIP?” JC seemed pissed off. Caitlin turned sharply. “Yeah, because he and his entourage will pay a fortune if they’re regulars.” “And the trouble they cause?” “Keep customers happy and strike up a personal relationship, they’re less likely to trash your joint. I’ll limit the entourage entry though, no matter what. But its a good deal. If we get him headlining, maybe some of his artists too, it’d be a good launch for us. Baby, I know what I’m doing,” She reached up and kissed his neck. He relaxed and pulled her to him. “I just like to be reminded,” He laughed gently. Truth was, he didn’t want her dealing with niggaz like Anton Briggs but what choice did he have? Emily lay on the couch, eating roman noodles and waiting for Cory’s call. He’d been kept in San francisco for a few weeks but she was doing all right. JC and Caitlin were rarely at home but she’d enjoyed the time alone surprisingly. Her mother hadn’t text her since she’d told her she was off to Hawaii with her boyfriend. And that was only a few days away now. They’d planned to leave on the Monday and not return until the Sunday night. Caitlin and JC said they’d probably go to Rose’s for a quick bite but would be putting the final touches to the club. From what Emily had seen, it was beautiful! A knock on the door brought her out of her reverie and she stood, stretched and walked to open it. Ebony, the girl who had been with Jasmine and Kira at the club all those weeks ago stood there with suitcase by her feet. “Is my cousin here?” She asked, eyes red rimmed. Emily gaped. She and Caitlin had learnt that Ebony was indeed JC’s cousin on his dad’s side but JC had apparently not wanted anything to do with the girl. Emily’s heart softened though at the girl’s distraught features. “He’s not,” Emily responded, leaning against the door jam. “Are you OK?” “Jasmine kicked me out!” Ebony sobbed expertly now. Her tears well rehearsed. “Erm,” Emily tried to think what to do. She couldn’t leave her outside in that state. But she wasn’t too sure JC would want her in his house either. He and caitlin had bought this place together and she and Cory were renting off of them, at a very reasonable rate. But she couldn’t do nothing. Emily’s conscience wouldn’t allow that. “Come in,” Emily relented and pushed the door wide and permitted entry to Ebony. “I’ll call them.” “Oh, don’t bother him. He’s probably busy and I don’t want to be a burden,” Ebony said demurely. “Can I wash up. My mascara’s ran.” Emily nodded and pointed her in the direction of the bathroom. Sighing heavily, she text Caitlin. If anyone could handle that crazy gangsta, it was her best friend. “Gas all filled up,” JC jumped into the driver’s seat of his sparkling Lexus beside his girlfriend and her faithful guide. “What you wanna do for dinner?” Caitlin smiled, leaned over and kissed his neck. “I honestly don’t mind,” her phone went off then and she read her text. “JC’s cuz is here. Ebony. Says Jaz kicked her out. Just heads up.” Caitlin sighed knowing this would go down like a lead balloon. “Lets grab Del Taco on the way home,” She said and turned to him. “You might wanna get something for ebony too.” “What?” The rage in his voice was paramount. “What do you mean?” “She showed up at the house, Em just texted me.” Caitlin kept her face neutral. She knew there was bad blood between the cousins but wasn’t sure exactly what it was yet. “Fuck her!” He squealed out of the parking lot. “She won’t be staying!” Caitlin just knew this was not going to end up being the quiet night she’d hoped for.

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Episode 46


Jay awoke in the cool room to the sound of the shower in their en suite bathroom. The sun didn’t shine directly into their bedroom until midmorning and he rubbed his eyes and looked across at the digital clock radio on his side of the bed and noted it was only 7:15.
“Caitlin!” He moaned, throwing his legs over the side of the bed and walking to the bathroom door. He could hear Cory and Emily talking in the kitchen. The bedroom door was half open, callie wasn’t in her bed. Why was his girlfriend up so early? She’d not got in until turned three and she was up, showering. What the hell?

Emily leaned on the kitchen counter, eating her cinnamon raisin bagel. Cory was on his computer, he had a big case coming up. Pouring some orange juice, Emily smiled at JC who walked into the kitchen in some black sweat pants and a grey t-shirt.
“Any idea why that wonderful girl is up at this ungodly hour?” He poured some coffee that had just brewed in the pot. Emily laughed as Cory looked up.
“Not used to being up this early, huh, JC?” Cory smiled like they’d suddenly turned into fraternity brothers. Emily appreciated the friendliness and was glad to see the two men getting along.
“Nope! Not sober, anyway!” He looked in the refrigerator and got the milk and began making eggs.
“Caitlin’s determined, JC,” Emily explained washing her plate and knife. Callie was laying on her back in the living room, pink bear in her mouth, wagging her tail.
“Mommy wouldn’t like you being on your back, Callie-Cals,” Emily told her. “up, now.” Her voice was gentle but Callie stood and shook her head to the group’s amusement.
“As I was saying,” Emily returned her attention to JC as she filled her water bottle for the day. “When Caitlin has an idea in her head, or she’s excited about a project, she cannot sit still. It means early mornings and not a lot of partying from her. So I’ll enjoy my partying break and you should be grateful this club will be off the ground before you can say Lakers!”

JC looked at her and nodded. He knew this really, didn’t he? That’s why he adored her so much, wasn’t it?
“Oh yeah, Em, how was your six club stint?” He asked, ready to walk back to the bedroom with a cup of coffee in hand.
“It was a lot of fun. Very informative being with your girl.” They both laughed, JC said later to Cory and they were left in the airy kitchen once more.

Caitlin stepped out of the shower, wrapping a big, fluffy, bath sheet around her. Her body ached and her eyes were sore with exhaustion but she was excited about that day’s prospects. She had to get to the site for nine and a few phone calls were necessary. She needed to talk to a designer, to some builders and electricians. Luckily, she had all the contacts from Viva. Rubbing her hair dry and starting to dress, she heard the bedroom door close and Jay’s cough as he slid the patio doors open as he lit a cigarette.

“Morning!” She called. “Did I wake you?”
“No,” He called in a lazy voice as he exhaled a smoke ring onto the hazy air. The smog would be thick today, he could see the dust clouds whirling their way upwards with the intensity of the heat. How was it ninety-five degrees in the middle of November? Even Southern California had chilled slightly by then.

As she finished brushing her teeth and drying her hair, the bathroom door opened and she felt a finger touch her cheek as the warm gusts from her hair dryer dried her long, summer blond hair.
“Why did you leave me so early?” His thick, soft, velvet to touch lips brushed against her cheek and without fail, she felt the butterflies stir in her tummy.

“Because, I am setting up the biggest, kick ass, club in all of Hollywood,” She turned off the dryer and putting her brush on the marble work top turned to him as he encircled her in his muscular arms.
“And it couldn’t wait a few more hours huh?” he kissed her sensually as she felt the excitement stirring.
“No,” smiling, she pulled away. “This is my job and I’ll do it well. Construction workers and designers and such work during day light hours. You want this project to be successful, we need to run at it.”
“And that is why I hired you, mamasita,” He kissed her neck as she turned to him with a pretty smile playing her lips. Her eyes were beautiful but so different and he didn’t care. Unseeing or not, she was amazing to him in all the ways a woman should be.

“Cory,” Emily called as she picked up her keys and caitlin came bustling out of her room, dressed in jeans and a baby pink camisole. callie bounced happily as her mistress approached and Emily grinned.
“On the job, hun?” She asked, walking toward the door and calling over her shoulder again. “Cory, I’m leaving, if you want to car pool let’s go!”
“I’m coming,” He called from the bedroom.
“You not having breakfast?” JC called as he walked out of the kitchen to Caitlin.
“I’ll grab something on the way,” She turned and hugged him. “You got stuff on this morning, baby?”
“Yeah,” He shrugged noncommittally and Cory appeared, briefcase in hand.
“See you,” he called as he ran after emily who was opening the trunk of her car.
“How you getting there?” JC asked his girlfriend as she harnessed Callie up.
“I’m going to have Nicki still drive me. I can afford it and it’ll save a lot of time. I love you, Jay, Call me later,” and with that she was gone and off to work.

Slouching on the couch, he wondered what to do. Sure, he could go see what the boys were all doing but none of them were awake at this time of the morning. Thinking, he realised, his girl, the one he loved was doing all the hard work. What the hell was he doing sitting around, waiting for business to happen? He was Jay Carter, he made business happen, he didn’t wait for it to happen.

Grabbing his car keys, he headed to Compton to check on the club. And then he would go and see what needed to be done at the new place. This was his future with a beautiful and smart woman. He had to make plans for that to continue in the right direction.

Emily twirled her pencil as she stared at the grid of figures on her computer screen. Cory had left for a meeting in San Francisco with his colleague an hour before and Emily just knew she’d be playing third fiddle to Caitlin and JC that night. Leaning back in her chair, she yawned and stretched. On second thoughts, she might be in bed by six PM. Maybe, Cory, leaving for the night was a blessing in disguise. She could catch up on sleep. She wasn’t as young as she once was, that she knew to be true. As she let her mind wonder, she noticed a blinking message icon on her phone. Looking to see if anyone was watching, she quickly checked the text.

“Emily, mum here, what are you doing for Thanksgiving? We’re thinking of going to Vegas. LMK if you want to join us?” Us and we meant Emily’s brother and younger sister. She exhaled and typed quickly back.
“I don’t know what the plans are yet.” It was true. She’d spent the last seven years with her friends over the Thanksgiving period. Only once before had her mother invited her and that was the year her brother was off training with the marines and her sister was at their dad’s in Florida. Emily rarely saw her family, let alone share the holidays with them. She’d spent Christmas at Caitlin’s dad’s house for the longest time. She couldn’t remember the last Christmas she’d spent at home and was grateful for that. It would have meant a lot of fighting and emotional torture’ memories she’d rather forget.

But now Caitlin was all loved up with JC, and she and Cory were together, what would this holiday season mean for her? She shrugged and went back to the mindless figures on her computer.

Three designers later, two builders hired, Caitlin had the floor plans set for the club. The one builder she’d seen this morning, had looked at the designers sketches and laughed. He said it was physically impossible. But the two builders she’d just finished a meeting with were excited and confident and had very good references. They’d worked on some excellent and successful projects within LA and the Southern California area so she was confident it would work out.

“Miss Dawson?” A young woman’s voice called. Caitlin tensed and turned. “I’m Maria Decante, I’m a cousin of Reenie Canden. She said you might have some work here.”
“I’m sorry, who?” Caitlin asked, still feeling a little on edge. She was alone as she’d sent Nicki to get lunch. What if this woman was going to rob her?

Jay finished his paperwork as the door opened. He turned to see a smiling face he knew and knew why she was there.
“Ebony?” He asked, turning back to his accounts and not looking at her as he spoke.
“So, I met your girl last night,” Ebony leaned on the door, insolence etched on her dark skin.
“I heard,” He answered without looking up. What she had to say didn’t interest him. She had caused enough trouble within the family growing up and especially when it came to his sister. Ebony had a terrible habit of getting other people into some dangerous shit.
“That’s rude, cuz!” She admonished. Her long braids waggling as she spoke. “Cute girl, too. Not your usual kind. No loose lips, pretty and demure, bit classy for you, ain’t she?” He turned them, anger glittering in his light eyes.
“Stay away from Caitlin!” He growled. A throaty snarl of warning that would have made a grizzly bear proud. She flinched, but ever so slightly. He saw it. His perceptive eye never missing a thing.
“I like her,” Ebony fluttered her eyelashes at him. “I want to get to know her more.” Moving across the room toward him, JC stood up.
“I said,” He grabbed her around the throat. “Stay…… away…….. from……… Caitlin! Or else you won’t know what hit you!”
“What is your problem,” She flung his hands away as she staggered backward, gasping for breath. “I ain’t into that shit no more. Ask anyone!”
“I don’t care,” His voice was raised now and his fists clenched into balls in his jean pockets. “I don’t wanna risk her for anything. Now, fuck off and crawl under the stinking rock you came from beneath.”
“How you get this place?” She asked, switching the topic as fast as lightning strikes.
“What?” He looked perplex, a frown creasing the beginnings of lines on his otherwise young face.
“Well, you got this place, and the one up in Hollywood about to boom out. I thought she’d given you the dough, but she didn’t, huh?”
“It’s got nothing to do with you, Ebony, now get out of here! And you may as well tell that asshole who let you in, he’s fired!” He turned from her again and frowned pensively. What in hell did she really want? This was a smoke screen. A game; so what was her real reason?

“I need money,” and there it was. “I’m living in a hostel cuz, I need some cash.” He sprang the chair and grabbed her hard.
“What happened to your mama’s compo? You know, the money that my lawyer won for your ass when she died?”
“It’s gone!” Tears sprang into her chocolate chip eyes as he gripped her. “I spent it.”
“On what?” He gritted his teeth, really not needing family shit to stomp on his parade right now. He was just getting set.
“I got no were to go!” She sobbed. He stepped back and glared at her.
“Thought you were staying with Caitlin’s friends, Jasmine and Kira?” He suddenly remembered that’s how Caitlin had met her, only last night.
She looked shocked. “Oh, you weren’t ready to tell me that part huh? I don’t think Kira and Jasmine would like you calling their apartment a hostel, ebony!” She looked down, knowing she’d been stupid.

“As I said, get out!” He slammed a fist on the desk and Ebony fled, knowing when she was beat. JC returned to his paperwork, resting his forehead in his hand for a moment. Looking up, he realised it was only a week until Thanksgiving and he inwardly groaned again.

Cory opened his briefcase at the conference room in the hotel and turned on his phone. Seeing he had no messages, he quickly called a number he’d never used before.
“I’d like to order some flowers to be delivered,” He said. He knew she wasn’t a girlie girl like that but he didn’t care, she’d been through hell and deserved a nice surprise. He didn’t know what else to send apart from flowers. His dad had never been the romantic type and he’d never even seen him give his mom flowers but he wanted his and Emily’s relationship to be different. Hanging up the call, he prepared for his meeting.

Caitlin eased as she heard Nicki’s voice.
“I’m sorry, but we’re a long way from opening. I’ve not even drawn up the advertisements for vacancies yet. Just keep an eye out and be sure to drop in your resume when the positions are announced,” Turning from the woman and to Nicki who smiled slightly at the young Hispanic woman, Caitlin took her lunch into the make shift office and sat down. She knew Nicki would ensure the woman left. As she opened the cellophane wrapper, her phone rang.
“Hello?” She answered, hearing Jay’s name spoken by the synthetic speech.
“Hey, where you at?” He sounded stressed.
“The club still,” She answered, fiddling with her sandwich wrapper. A feeling of unease coming over her.
“I’ll be there in twenty,” He told her and disconnected the call.

Emily text Cory to thank him for the flowers. She received a text message back asking her if she’d like to go to Hawaii for Thanksgiving, just the two of them. She instantly replied and squealed inwardly at the excitement of the plans to come.

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Episode 45

Out and In

JC was sitting at the island, eating his dinner as Cory strode in.
“Hey dude,” cory smiled looking at the healthy dinner before him. “nice!” He winked at JC. “Your grandmother make you a plate?”
“Nah, if big mama made me a plate, it’d be filled with corn bread, collies and rice and beans, not salad and ham and a baked potato,” JC returned, prodding the offensive baked potato with his fork. “Caitlin cooked dinner for us. I think she felt guilty and decided to be nice to me for deserting me and to you for taking Emily away from you.” Cory laughed and took his plate from the side.
“That was pretty thoughtful of her,” Cory smiled, digging into the most nutritional meal he had eaten in weeks.
“Yeah, that’s my girl. Poor Emily looked like she would fall asleep before nine. I’m not sure where caitlin gets this energy from.” JC finished his dinner and stood to wash the plate. “How long have you known them both?”
“Emily, around six years, Caitlin about five. She’s always been an energiser. And a party animal. Emily can take it or leave it. Usually take it where caitlin’s concerned. They’re so close.” Cory smile thoughtfully to himself about the years of memories they shared between them.
“Yeah, they sure is tight,” JC put the plate and cutlery onto the drainer and walked to the TV. “Into basket ball?” He looked over his shoulder at Cory who smiled.
“I have to say the Lakers are my favourite,” cory wasn’t incredibly into sports but he did like to watch the Lakers play.”
“Awesome. Then the girls did us a favour,” JC turned on the LCD set and threw himself back onto the couch as Cory finished up and joined him with a few beers.
“That’s my man!” JC took his gratefully and they settled down for a quiet night in.

Ebony was in the midst of fun times. Caitlin and Emily weren’t the weird white girls she had anticipated. Growing up in Watts and compton, she had an innate dislike for any one of different ethnicity but caitlin and Emily were a scream a minute.

“So you’s datin a nigga?” Ebony asked as Caitlin, she and Emily clicked their way into the ladies at the first club.
“Yeah, I guess I am,” Caitlin’s smile portrayed nothing but adoration for the man she was in love with. Ebony smiled appreciatively. Jasmine and Kira had said he was a gangsta and here this girl was, totally head over heels. She wondered if she knew what he was about?
“What he do?” ebony asked as they all reapplied some lipstick and gloss.
“We’re just setting up another club,” caitlin replied, expertly correcting the smudges on her lips. “We opened one in Compton a few months ago. Viva, do you know it?” She turned her head to ebony and ebony almost fell backward on her killer heels.
“Your man is Jay carter?” She sounded utterly flabbergasted. Her heart raced as the blond girl looked confused and Emily stared with an air of inquiry.
“Yes, why?” Caitlin’s tones were frosty now. Shit! Ebony thought, she thinks I’m an ex.
“Jay Carter is my cousin,” Ebony laughed now and so did the other two girls after a moment of stunned silence.
“No way!” caitlin exploded with joy in her eyes. “so is Rose your grandmother?”
“Nah, I’m his cousin on his pop’s side. My moms is his auntie. But she died of cancer sixteen years ago and I lived with my big mama in Watts after that so didn’t see Jay until I was eighteen. Was close to his sister though at one point.”
Caitlin nodded. She knew she hardly knew anything about JC’s lineage but she appreciated ebony sharing her story with her.
“Well, its good to finally meet you,” caitlin hugged Ebony and Ebony marvelled on the girl’s beauty both inside and out.

They returned to the dance floor where Kira and Jasmine were flying around to a club beat. Caitlin and emily grabbed a drink while ebony went out for a smoke. Sitting down, she saw Jasmine come outside.
“So you OK with caitlin and emily?” Lighting up a cigarette, Jasmine eyed ebony. She knew her feelings toward some people because of the colour of their skin and had told Kira it may not be a good idea to invite her but Ebony had joined them anyway.
“They are freaking cool!” ebony giggled. “And, you didn’t tell me my big cousin was doing Caitlin?”
“I didn’t know,” Jasmine raised her perfectly pencilled eyebrows and blew out a smoke ring. The air was getting chilly now and she felt the goose bumps start on her arms.
“Yeah, he’s doing her big time. She must have a lot of money. Wondered where he’d got the green from to start his business.” Ebony’s dark eyes flashed with confidence and Jasmine shrugged ignorantly.

“Hey,” emily smiled as the other three joined them. “Its crazy in there and we should be getting onto another club soon for Miss thang’s research,” she indicated Caitlin and the blond laughed.
“You guys can stay if you like this one,” caitlin offered. “Your choice. I just need to figure out the locale.”
“Oooh, check you out, knowing all the business terminology. How many do you own?” ebony laughed indulgently as Emily and caitlin glanced at each other.
“I don’t own any businesses,” Caitlin responded. “I am a qualified events manager and that’s why your cousin hired me to run his clubs.”
“His clubs?” ebony repeated disbelievingly. Standing up and putting out her cigarette with the heel of her giant shoes, she stared incredulously at Caitlin. “You didn’t put up the capital for the clubs?”
“No,” caitlin responded knowing she would say no more. JC didn’t like people knowing his business. “Em, we better go.” Caitlin linked the brunette’s arm and looked determined to leave. Emily complied without hesitation.
“Where he get it then?” Ebony followed them with Jasmine and Kira not far behind as they walked toward another club.
“That, is none of your business,” caitlin turned directly to face ebony. “I know you’re saying you’re his cousin, but I do not know you are for sure and his business is his alone, so drop it!”
“Tough cookie, ain’t you?” ebony laughed now. “I can see why he chose you.” Caitlin shrugged and turned to walk on. “He’d be proud of you,” ebony called after her. Caitlin didn’t even turn to look at Ebony, afraid she had said too much.

A few beers later, cory and JC celebrated the Lakers win and decided to go their separate ways for the night. JC opted to stay in the living room with Callie while Cory retreated to bed.
“At least you won’t desert me, will you, Callie-Cals?” He scratched the labrador’s ears as his phone buzzed. He looked and it was a text from caitlin.
“You OK? Met your cousin, ebony. She was asking a lot of questions about your finances.” He nodded to himself.
“I bet she was!” He mumbled as he replied to the text.
“Say as little as possible without acting shady. She’s OK, just a nosy bitch! Miss you mama! x”

Placing her iPhone back in her purse, as Emily and Caitlin waited in line, Caitlin felt better knowing she hadn’t said a lot. Ebony was babbling about how long the line was and Jasmine was saying this club was a dive anyway and she couldn’t understand the length of the line. Caitlin shivered in the cooling night’s air and Emily nudged her and whispered out of the side of her mouth.
“You OK?” Caitlin gave her friend’s arm a gentle squeeze in response as the line moved forward again. A few guys went dashing past as a police officer was chasing them down the street.
“Is that that famous rapper?” Jasmine had turned her head so fast you would have thought it was a spinning top.
“Who?” the four girls inquired with intrigue.
“dude from Compton,” Jasmine replied unhelpfully.
“Because that narrows it,” Ebony sniggered. “who?”
“The one who you said tried to do you when you were in high school.” Jasmine responded and they all laughed, having only heard that story earlier that night.
“Oh, my God, are you for real?” ebony exploded, now trying to stand higher than her heels would permit as a yellow lambo streaked down the street and Ebony hollered, “Its coo boo, I got you!” All the girls exploded with laughter and the line moved inside.

It was two thirty in the morning when callie nudged JC’s hand. He woke up groggily and realised the dog hadn’t been out. He’d fallen asleep so he got up and let her out while smoking a cigarette. Glancing at his watch, he noted the late hour and knew she hadn’t come in yet. She’d have woke him. He felt his stomach knot in anxiety and hoped she was OK.

“Six clubs!” emily was declaring as they drove home. Caitlin was exhausted but wide awake with excitement. She was already compiling a floor plan. “So, were those six clubs worth it?” emily grinned as they turned into their street.
“Yes, Em, our record breaker of a clubs visited was definitely worth it!” Caitlin grinned as they pulled to the driveway. “So, hope you got a bloody good badge on 4 Square for your six clubs visited.” The girls giggled as Caitlin put her key in the lock. Callie was waiting by the door as she walked in and Emily closed and locked it behind them as both girls removed their shoes from their sore feet and gave Callie a cuddle each.

“Better get to bed,” Emily yawned, feeling the tiredness hit her. “I have work in five hours.”
“Me too!” Caitlin covered her mouth as she gave a huge yawn.

Walking into the kitchen, to get a glass of water, Emily grinned. “Wow, they washed dishes!” She sounded surprised and caitlin grinned broadly as she waved goodnight to Emily, shoes in hand and golden dog following behind with her teddy bear.

He heard the door open and Callie go straight to her bed. The En suite bathroom door closed and he rolled onto his back, waiting for her to return. The clock said 3:10. He hoped she’d had a good night, but not too good. Only seconds later, she was climbing beneath the sheets, putting her phone on the bedside table. Her long hair, spreading on her pillow as she lay down, a smile on her face as she rolled to face him.
“I missed you!” She whispered as she rested a hand on his chest.
“I missed you to, mama!” He pulled her tight in his arms, her cool body shivering as she touched his warm one.
“Hey!” she kissed him with such love. “How was your night?”
“Lakers won!” He laughed gently as she grinned at him. “By the look on your face, tonight was a huge success?” He traced his hands up her slender back.
“Yes,!” she said without a pause mirroring his movements as she sensually felt her way up his muscular back. “Six clubs and many ideas I have don’t even exist in one of them! Emily is very excited about her six club visitations. Ask her about it in the morning.”

Kissing her in response, he pulled her tight and whispered, “I love you!” She kissed his neck and breathed in the scent that always comforted her as she snuggled down to sleep.

Emily walked into her room to find Cory fast asleep. Slipping beneath the covers beside him, she kissed his cheek and watched the moonlight as it drifted like a ghost through the room.
“Night cory,” She touched his hand that rested on her pillow as she snuggled down beside him feeling like finally life was coming back to her.

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Episode 44

Episode 44
Settling In

Caitlin stretched luxuriously in the king sized bed beside a sleeping JC. Her alarm hadn’t activated yet but she could hear the birds singing outside. Callie was gently snoring in her bed across the other side of the room and she heard someone up and about. Throwing her legs across the edge of the bed, she padded toward the bathroom and turned on the shower and began to prepare for her day. She knew exactly what JC would say. “You need to rest. You don’t need to go back to work just yet.” But the truth was, she wanted to and she needed to for her own sanity.

“Mama?” JC called from the doorway as the warm water cascaded around her in a mist of refreshing goodness.
“Sup?” she smiled turning her face toward the frosted glass door.
“Come back to bed, baby girl,” He said rubbing his eyes. “I need you!” His tones were filled with seductive vibes. She giggled gently and began to shampoo her hair.
“Going back to bed will never get the new club off of the ground,” She said warmly and he laughed his rumbling laugh with an edge of disappointment.
“You, Caitlin Dawson are a blasted workaholic.”
“I make you money, don’t I?” She retorted, good naturedly.
“OK, OK! I get the point,” He said with mock exasperation in his voice as the shower door opened and he stepped in beside her, wrapping his muscular arms about her.
“I love you, mi Reigna! Do you know that?” His kisses were hot and she felt the beginnings of passion stir within her.

Emily awoke to find Cory gone. She sat up and glared accusingly at the glowing radio alarm clock beside her bed that read: 7:30. She groaned and got out of bed to the smell of coffee brewing. Grabbing her clothes, she headed to her new bathroom which she already was in love with and began to undress.
“Em?” Cory’s tones were fresh and contented.
“Yeah?” she replied, stepping beneath a hot stream of water.
“Wanna grab some breakfast before heading to work?” He asked warmly and she grinned.
“Sure!” She smiled to herself as she heard him walking away from the door. Looking around the marbled bathroom, she wondered if she was actually dreaming or had this actually become reality?

Satiated, caitlin and JC sat at the breakfast bar eating some pancakes and chatting to cory. He was already dressed and was preparing one of Emily’s favourite dishes, Eggs Benedict.
“Are you purposefully trying to make my best friend fall in love with you, even more than she already is?” Caitlin joked happily as she forked some more pancakes into her mouth.
“He’s taking care of his girl,” JC smiled at her. “Like all good boyfriends do.”
“Yes, like you do,” She stated contentedly as she drank her coffee. “Can we stop by Starbucks on the way to work? Pumpkin spice is in my near future,” She laughed and he beamed happily across the table at her.

“Morning,” Emily walked in, her hair straight and dry, clothes pristine ready for the day’s work.

“Baby, you can have whatever you want on the way to work,” JC’s smile was filled with innuendoes as he stood from the table and began to washing his dishes. Caitlin grinned playfully as she stood and walked to join him. He placed a warm arm around her waist and kissed her cheek lovingly.

“Do you guys wanna head out for dinner tonight?” Emily asked as she accepted her breakfast from cory. “Thank you, ” She smiled up at him. His eyes were filled with affection as she bent her head and breathed in the aroma of her favourite breakfast dish.
“Where?” Caitlin asked picking up Callie’s leash and harness along with her macbook bag.
“Not sure, Hard Rock ? Seen as we’re celebrating.” Emily suggested.
“Or Delsini’s,” Cory offered.
“That the Brazilian place on Rodeo?” JC asked grabbing his keys.
“Yeah,” cory smiled drinking his coffee feeling like finally, he may be feeling a little more comfortable.
“Sure,” JC walked toward the front door, followed by Caitlin.
“I’ll make reservations,” The blond girl called over her shoulder and with a click of the front door, they were alone in the airy kitchen.

“Does this feel real to you?” Emily’s eyes shone with happiness.
“Hardly,” cory beamed back at her.
We a look of joy pass between them, Cory and Emily headed to start their mornings.

“This needs a lot of work,” Caitlin sighed deeply as JC gave her the guided tour around the dump he’d bought. “I didn’t think it’d be this bad.”
JC sighed heavily and nodded despite the fact she couldn’t see it. “You’re not going to like the reason why.”
“I think I know,” She leaned against the dilapidated bar and smirked at him. “It was raided. It was a bloody dive, wasn’t it? So not only does this place need a physical make over, but a reputation make over to. Am I right?”

“You’re right!” He laughed gently. “You are always right where this kind of thing is concerned.”
“Yes,” she turned and placed both hands on the bar. “Well, Lets get started. What’s the budget?”
“What do you need to get this place up and running?” He asked walking toward the DJ booth that was a pure wreck. “Looks like nearly everything will need to be stripped in here.”
“Yeah,” She said walking behind the bar. “Jay, this will take a lot more capital than the club in Compton. We have to boost this place beyond the clubs within the vicinity . I know some of the clubs well in this area of town. If we want the cliental, we need to go beyond what they have. Let me do a few pieces of research and get some quotes and I’ll have a design plan and cost sheet by the end of the week.”
“This means clubbing for you and Emily, doesn’t it?” He groaned.
“You got it,” She laughed happily, walking with Calie toward the ladies’ bathroom.
“Unisex bathrooms are definitely the way forward,” she commented.
“I’ll leave all that detail up to you.” He kissed her neck as he pulled her into his arms from behind. “Listen, you wanna work here or back at the house? There’s power but no internet yet.”
“The house then,” She said gently. “Or Viva, as I could do with checking on things there.” He nodded and picking up his keys walked with her to the door. Turning suddenly, he grinned and asked,
“So what do you think of the new car?” She pulled a face that was full of mock disdain.
“It’s awful!” She lied playfully. “What is it?” He locked the door behind them, pulling down the shutters and walking toward his black, shiny, new, Lexus.
“Only a Lexus baby,” he opened the door for her as she passed him an exasperated look.
“Men,” She huffed as she pulled Callie into the footwell and he laughed and retreated to the driver’s side.

Emily sat at her desk, typing up some financial reviews when she got a text.
“Em, clubbing with me tonight? Gotta do some research. You in? C”. She text back and smiled to herself. Caitlin didn’t usually need an excuse for clubbing but it looked like the boys were having a night in together. She glanced across the office to the glass panel through which she could see Cory working at his computer and giggled. He was going to love that. Spending the whole night with JC.

Closing her macbook, Caitlin leaned back on the leather couch and stretched. The house was so quiet! Picking up her iPhone, she text a number she never thought she would.
“Hey, was wondering if you and Jazmine wanted to hit a few clubs with Em and I tonight? Your new roomie too, if you want. Caitlin.”

Setting her phone and macbook down, she stood and walked to the kitchen. She would have never considered herself domesticated and was shocked in what she was about to do.

Opening the refrigerator, she pulled out some juice and then taking a moment to reflect, sighing deeply, some tomatoes, potato salad, and other salad things. Slicing up some ham and putting two baked potatoes in the oven, she rubbed her temples with agitation.

“What are you doing?” She scolded herself and then returned to the couch with her juice. Opening up her macbook again, she started writing the addresses of the clubs she and Emily were going to in her address book and then plugged in her phone and waited for it to sync. A text came through as the phone finished its operation and it was from Kira.

“Sure, we’d love to. Where?”
“Meet for dinner at Tonios about seven?”
“Sure.” Smiling to herself, she shut down the computer, let Callie out to pee and headed for the shower.

JC arrived home from visiting with his grandmother to the smell of food cooking. He knew caitlin was heading out that night and also knew she’d be dining out, so had plans changed?

“Baby?” He called, putting down his keys and stroking a happy Callie.
“I’m in the bedroom,” She called, poking her head around the door. He grinned and walked to the door where she was now emerged in the closet, in a white bathrobe.
“You’re still heading out?” He asked, feeling a sliver of disappointment cross his heart.
“It’s purely research,” She informed him, pulling off her robe to reveal a simple bra and thong set. He was relieved it wasn’t any of her Victoria secret’s stuff she usually reserved for their nights out together. Pulling some jeans on and a plain but cute pink and silver shirt, she turned to him and he took her into his arms.
“You know how to carry yourself so well, mamita. It’s almost like I’ve trained you how to be my girl. How I want you to be when you’re with me and how I want you to be when I’m not around.”
“In lamens terms,” she smiled at him. “I know how to keep you sweet and not piss you off. I’m not going out to get hit on by other men, I have you and you are who I want. So why bother pulling out all the stops. This is business, after all.” He smiled as she turned from him, putting on some perfume and walking across to her shoes, placing some silver sandals onto her pedicured feet.
“Who’s cooking?” He asked, remembering his initial take on the situation when he had arrived home.

“I am, for you and cory,” He stifled a laugh as she turned to him. “I know, I know. Go ahead and laugh. I have no idea what is coming over me. This is not me.” She punched him lightly on the arm. “See what you’re doing to me, Carter? Do you see?” He laughed and pulled her to him.
“I appreciate the thought, baby girl, I really do. But Cory and I are big boys, we can order take away ourselves, y’know?” She laughed and walked to the kitchen. Putting her hand on the oven door, he gently pulled it away.
“I’ll see to that, where’s Em?”
“I’m here,” emily called, looking pretty tired. “Why do I let you talk me into these things on a work night?” she grumbled, checking her purse for her keys. “Made dinner, JC?” she asked looking up as he put the crisp potatoes on the side.
“Caitlin started it for me,” He grinned at the blonde girl who was petting callie.
“You can keep JC and cory company,” she tried to sooth the dog. Callie sat and stared at her mistress as they all laughed.
“Lets go,” emily called walking to the front door and caitlin quickly followed her after a lingering kiss with JC.
“Have a good night,” she mused as she walked toward the front door?
“Thanks,” He laughed, unwrapping the plates of salad that she had carefully prepared and beamed. His heart warmed at the thought that his girlfriend had done this for him, not because she wanted something but because she loved him.

Kira, Jazmine and their new roommate Ebony were sitting outside at Tonios. Kira had been here a few times both with her former and current roommates. She liked it here, despite some of the awkwardness she had experienced. Ebony was glancing around. She had never been here before and was super excited to meet Kira’s friends.
“So, they hicks?” She asked in her loud voice. Jasmine burst out laughing.
“Hardly, Caitlin is dating a nigga,” She informed as she smiled at Kira. “Emily seems down to.”
“Sweet,” Ebony’s bright chocolate chip eyes shone as they spoke at the table they were waiting at. The door opened and Kira smiled as Caitlin and Emily walked in, arm in arm.

“Hey, Ladies,” emily grinned, looking young and lovely, unlike the last time Kira had seen her. “Hi, Jasmine, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, hey Emily, how are you? And you Caitlin?” Jasmine looked a lot friendlier toward the girls than she had on their last encounters. “This is Ebony, our new roommie.”
“Hi,” Everyone greeted and slowly settled into comfortable chitchat. The night was shaping up to be a success, before the real work began.

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Episode 43

Episode 43

Jay signed the paperwork and was driving to Home depot to buy some house supplies. He knew Caitlin would want to choose the furniture and stuff but he could get a start on the decorating. Well, more to the point, his boys could start the decorating while he went into Hollywood to check the paperwork for the new club was well under way. He’d been tossing around ideas for days about the name of the place but couldn’t quite think of the perfect one. Caitlin was the brains behind these brilliant ideas, he was just the capital.

He smiled to himself as he turned into the parking lot, he didn’t mind she had the beauty and brains, he now had the money to feel as though he was worth her time. He knew she didn’t think like that but a part of him always irked when he couldn’t pay for something or buy her something extravagant. She wasn’t that kind of girl, who expected the finer things but he was the kind of guy who wanted her to feel like a princess all of the time.

Clicking the lock on his brand new Lexus, that he knew she’d freak about him buying, he walked into the store, feeling as though he’d just stepped into an exciting yet unfamiliar world of adulthood filled with fun yet responsibilities he had not yet endured.

Caitlin was exercising in the hospital physio room while she waited for Jay to get there. He’d text her earlier saying he was signing the contract and doing some stuff at the bank and would be there to pick her up around six PM. Emily and Cory were apparently shopping for furniture. Caitlin was surprised that cory had agreed to move in with them but was glad for Emily’s sake. Em clearly cared about Cory too much for anything to come between them, especially now; after all that had happened. Lifting the dumbbell, she sighed and dropped it, eager to leave and start a fresh new life.

Alexia hardly ever crossed her mind now. The deranged bitch was apparently seeking psychiatric help and caitlin just hoped it gave the girl peace. It was almost like they’d never been friends and she was just “some girl” she had once known. Caitlin knew this wasn’t true but she couldn’t think about the Alexia she had once loved and held dear in her heart. She had to move forward and put all negativity behind her. She had a huge new project to undertake and a new home to build with her man. She smiled affectionately when she thought about him.

His smell of cleanness, his shampoo and cologne fragranced her nostrils even when he wasn’t there. The touch of his huge hands, warm and solid against her skin and the silky caress of his voluptuous lips brushing along her collar bone made her tingle inside. Sighing again, and hearing a door open, she turned toward the noise and those smooth, strong hands were around her waist, her nose filled with the familiar scents of him and she felt the velvet lips brush her cheek.

“Ready to go, mama?” He spoke in his rich, velvet tones that reminded her of rich, smooth British chocolate made just for her ears, not her mouth and smiled.
“Nah, I kinda like the hospital,” She mused in feign seriousness. He laughed his booming rumbles of laughter and took her arm, bending to collect her things and they walked, hand in hand out into the early evening, smoggy, LA air. She took a deep breath in and knew that beside this man, even the smoggy, californian air made her the happiest person alive.

Emily opened the door to the new house with the key JC had dropped at her office earlier that afternoon. Some guys were on their hands and knees in the living room, laying laminate tiles. Emily smiled.
“Hey ma’am,” a short, African American guy with a pierced eyebrow called. “are you Miss Andrews? Mr carter asked us to ask if you and your partner wanted your room with this flooring or carpet?” She smiled gently and shrugged, not knowing which was her room. This was the first time she’d stepped foot in the house and she had to stare admiringly all around her. It was so beautiful. The hall where she now stood was tiled in a pattern of what looked like sand imitated tiles. The walls were in a panelled oak and the living room, off to the right was decorated in a pale terracotta that she knew as the sun set, as it would on this side of the house, would look so beautiful. Before she could answer again, the door opened and Jc and caitlin and Cory all piled in with bags of groceries. Callie was excitedly bouncing about Caitlin’s legs, eager to get off of her leash and explore.

“Hey Em,” cory smiled, his green eyes dancing with sparkles of happiness. He’d been so unsure about this but after seeing him now, she would have perceived herself to have more doubts over this move than he.

“Which is our room? These gentlemen were wondering if we wanted laminate flooring or carpet?” cory walked to the kitchen that Emily now saw was all white beside the counter tops and appliances that were black. The floor was a beach wood colour and there was a door out to a rear porch. Cory returned and lead her down the hallway to her left and entered the bedroom on the North east corner of the house that had patio doors out on to the terrace, overlooking the side garden.They didn’t have a garage as such but an old wooden building set off to the east of the house but far enough that the sun wouldn’t be disturbed from beating into their window in the morning. She could see Cory’s small Nizam parked before it, and a gleaming black Lexus just inside. Her bleu mustang was parked to the right of cory’s and she noted a small door to the rear of the building. Looking back into the room, she gasped with shock as she saw a beautiful king sized, wooden carved bed and matching dresser and desk and chair. The door opposite the patio doors was slightly ajar and she knew they had a walk in closet.
“Our bathroom is just across the hall,” cory smiled looking at her curiosity. The walls were plain but she knew Jc would have left small details like this to her and cory. Caitlin clearly had chosen the furniture, she knew Emily would love it.
“I think laminate with a beautiful rug, what do you think?” She asked, choking the emotion that rose in her throat. He shrugged in a way to say, you’re the boss and she laughed and returned to see the guys in the living room.

JC was out back, with Callie running around as she started to unpack her clothes. The master bedroom was so much more than she had ever dreamed of. Their own private bathroom, doors opening onto the back yard where the pool and hot tub were situated . Callie was having a great time running through the house and exploring all it had to offer. She’d already been into Emily’s room, ran out of their doors and found her way around the back. Luckily all the fence covered everywhere so she couldn’t escape. Caitlin could hear Jc laughing at her as he and Cory prepared burgers, sausages, chicken and shrimp on the barbecue. Emily was testing out her shower and caitlin could hear the workmen discussing girls they were “tapping” in Emily’s room as they laid the floor. JC had already had their room done and she loved it. Most of the house was wooden floors or tiled, minus the third bedroom. Caitlin wasn’t sure if they would do much with that or if they’d use it for another purpose or just for guests. It didn’t really matter. The point was, life was good and she was starting a new.

“Nice car,” Cory smiled at Jc as the taller guy bent down to pick up his bottle of corona and pat Callie on the head as she whizzed by with her new pink bear in her mouth. The last one had been burnt in the fire.
“Thanks,” Jc smiled, sitting on the ground and leaning against an orange tree that was in full fruit. Three oranges had landed on Cory already as the fall air was ripening the fruit. It was still warm, as it often was in LA so outside eating and relaxing was more than OK. “Don’t tell Caitlin, though,” JC laughed lighting up a cigarette. “I wanna know if she notices first thing in the morning, when she’s begging for her starbucks.” He leaned his shaved head against the tree and laughed his booming laugh. Cory grinned as he flipped a sausage and turned as he heard Emily’s gasp. Her porcelain face lit up in the twilight at the yard lit up in all it’s early evening glory. The back yard was beautiful! The decking leading from the patio to the paved barbecue area and path to the pool and hot tub was lit by small lights around its edgings. And the hot tub’s canopy was lit with a single huge lamp hanging from its roof while smaller lanterns stood about the pool, dazzling the backyard with ghostly white light. It cast Shadows on the trees and fruit bushes and when the slight breeze made ripples in the water, it glistened like the lights on Hollywood Boulevard.

“It’s beautiful!” Her eyes lit up and danced as she spoke. “It looks like something out of a HollyWood Movie. JC, you and Caitlin are crazy for letting Cory and I live here for such reasonable, no ridiculously cheap rent.” She smiled and they shared a sibling like look with each other.
“Friends help out friends, Em,” the other man stretched his legs out as Callie charged onto them, wagging incredulously. Emily looked at Cory and he felt a twinge of love stir in his loins. She was everything he wanted and JC wasn’t a bad guy and he’d nearly lost all of it again because of his idiocy and maybe, pride?

“All right ,” caitlin walked out of the doors that led to their bedroom. “Who’s giving the guided tour?” JC dutifully stood and walked to her.
“Come on mama,” He kissed her cheek and expertly oriented her around their new yard. Cory plated up some food and felt her hand on his back.
“Thank you!” Her lips hardly moved as she spoke but the look of happiness said more than words ever could. His heart sang at the look in her eyes and he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. Her small frame fitting into his arms as he knew it always should.
“No, thank you,” He kissed her tenderly as he ran his fingers through her short hair. “For hooking us up.” He imitated Jc’s usual way of speaking and she burst into giggles as they were joined by Caitlin and JC.

Sitting down beneath the moonlit sky and the backdrop of the most sparkly city at night on earth, Emily and Cory, JC and Caitlin ate their dinner and enjoyed each other’s company, finally feeling like their dreams were within arm’s reach.

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Episode 42

Episode 42

JC and Cory were riding in JC’s Chevy toward a nice district in Glendale.
“Dude, the apartments are pretty pricy up this end, you know?” Cory commented, glancing around at the beautiful landscape.
“Yeah, and?” JC said, turning into a street lined with palm trees. It screamed suburban and cory gasped as JC pulled up to the kerb.
“Dude, this is totally out of all of our budgets!” Even Cory and Emily who were on decent salaries couldn’t afford this if they’d wanted to. Getting out JC dismissed cory’s protests and headed toward a man with a blue powdered suit on. Cory followed him up the steps to the porch.
“Shall we?” The suited guy asked and both men nodded. Inside they found a decent sized living room with sliding doors onto a side garden equipped with decking. a huge, white, airy kitchen full of mod coms. A decent sized dining room looking over the side garden. And a small bathroom with laundry facilities, three large bedrooms, a den, one of the bedrooms had an en suite and a huge family bathroom. Out back there was a swimming pool and plenty of grass surrounded by palm trees and a variety of flowers and bushes. It was gorgeous and ready to move in immediately. Even the master bedroom had sliding doors onto a small terrace looking over the back garden.
“So, two thousand a month going to be OK for you?” The suited guy asked. cory’s mouth dropped. between four of them, it wouldn’t be that bad until you considered the power and other bills.
“Actually, my girlfriend and I have talked about it and were recently approved for a mortgage. So, we were hoping to put an offer in. although, there is a few things that need to be seen to and my surveyor suggests you could be able to knock at least ten thousand off of the market price.” Cory’s mouth dropped even further. He was not seriously going to buy this place?

“Erm, well, I’d have to talk to,” The guy started.
“I suggest you do what you need to.” JC turned to Cory. “Come on, let the man do his business while we have another walk around.”

As they walked into the garden, cory stared at him. “You and caitlin can afford the mortgage?”
“Yep,” JC smiled looking around. “Callie would love this yard.”
“And what about Em and me?”
“well, Caitlin and I will get contracts drawn up for you guys. we were thinking 300 a month, plus bills between the four of us.”
“Why so many rooms? Surely we could find somewhere smaller?”
“Well, it’s a nice place in a nice neighbourhood and El’s face it dude, I don’t wanna sleep on the couch if I upset Caitlin one day.”
“Jc, do you really know how much they want for this place?”
“You don’t think I’ve looked into everything?” JC’s light brown eyes stared at him. “I don’t go into anything with my eyes shut dude. I know what I’m doing.” Cory’s main worry was where was he getting the money but 300 a month for a place like this was not bad rent.

“Of course dude, but this is a hell of a commitment.” Cory shrugged his slight shoulders, knowing that nothing he said would change JC’s mind. “And what about your grandma?” Cory had heard Caitlin and Emily chat about the older woman and he knew JC, despite his reputation, adored her.
“I offered her a room but the stubborn, sweet lady refuses to leave her friends, church and the local grocery store. figures he couldn’t do without her custom.” cory smiled. she sounded like a real character and he could partly see why JC adored her so. He’d never known his grandparents, from either side of his family. His mum had left New Jersey when she graduated high school and never went back. He had a feeling her mother had left on bad ground with her own parents. His father’s father had died during service in Viet Nam while his mother was much happier cruising the social circles of Boston to care about her children. His father had moved to San diego after graduating UCLA and had set up his business in san Diego where he met his wife at a mutual friend’s party. Cory was the second eldest and unfortunately for he and his sister, their parents had been no better at the job than their parents before them. He and Katie had raised themselves, she now a doctor in san Diego, he now a full time resident of Los angeles and a financial advisor. He couldn’t imagine going home. despite feeling loved and having morals instilled into him but emotionally, Katie and Cory had been capable of making their own decisions and getting on with things by themselves. Had been so self sufficient since their early teens.

And now, here he was, going to share a house with some guy he virtually knew nothing about and some he didn’t know he wanted to know much about. JC seemed so sure of himself, and so grown up but Cory was scared of this man’s abilities. He suspected that JC was capable of such brutal cruelties and if so, would he be a bully to live with? He wasn’t sure they were doing the right thing but he knew Emily wanted to live with caitlin and he knew this was a damn good deal for the location.

“Cory, what’s up?’ JC was staring at him. “You were off in dream land there, buddy.”
“Erm, just think this is a huge decision for us all.”
“well, what you and Em choose to do is your business but Caitlin and I have agreed.”
“Has she seen the house?” Cory asked but knew she’d love it anyway.
“Nah, but she’ll love it,” JC watched as the guy in the suit stepped outside.
“They’ve agreed to knock seven and a half thousand off of the asking price,” he said, wiping his sweaty brow. He looked like a nervous man and he had every reason to feel nervous around JC, Cory mused.
“Alright, good enough,” JC leaned against the wall and smiled, satisfaction playing across his features. “can you have the paperwork drawn up and faxed to me by the morning?” The guy nodded compliantly and JC smiled agreeably sticking out his hand for a shake.

Soon, they were back on the road, heading to the hospital and JC was beaming and chatting about furniture and such. cory felt as though the his brain was in a real haze as JC babbled. He had to talk to emily. He really wasn’t sure about this.

“hey!” Caitlin smiled as Jc hugged her. “How did it go?”
“Awesome,” He kissed her forehead lovingly. “I don’t think cory’s too impressed with our plan. seemed very nervy. Almost as nervous as the retail estate agent.” He laughed his rumbling laugh as she smiled. “But, good news is, we got seven and a half grand knocked off of the asking price.”
“That’s fantastic!” She hugged him. “I can’t wait to move into our own home. You sure about this?” She raised her face to him and he kissed her lightly on the lips and smiled at her.
“You’re beginning to sound like Cory,” He laughed gently. “Yes, the club’s doing great, as are my other business ventures so the bank manager was falling over themselves to give me a huge mortgage. we’ll be fine. Especially once the new club is up and running.”
“The new what?” she beamed with happiness.
“Well, I’ve just bought a club on Ocean drive in North Hollywood. It was rated a few months back so they’re desperate to sell as the owners in jail. So, I’m putting you in charge, once you’ve recovered, of course.” She hugged him tightly.

“Things are really coming good for us, aren’t they?” she kissed him with passion and he smiled warmly.
“Because of you, baby girl!” His voice was almost shy and she looked up with questions in her ocean, blue eyes.
“Caitlin, before I met you, I was running the streets and that was it. Now I’m about to own my own house and two clubs. You made that happen because you gave me faith in myself.”
“Oh, shut up,” she kissed him. “You’ve done it for your own determination. I’ve just been the support hold. as you have for me.” They held each other close for a few minutes and he smiled to her.
“I love you, you know that, right?” she kissed him hard.
“I love you too,” And leaning back, he wondered what he would have done without her.

“Why are you so unsure about JC?” Emily asked as she washed dishes at his old apartment. “It’s a generous thing they’re doing.”
“I feel like we’ll be owing him something.” cory said as he dried.
“cory, he’s in a gang, not the mob. He’s helping out friends. look, I need somewhere to stay. You’re not in that position. So if it makes you feel better, stay here and I’ll move in with them. I’m not afraid of JC. I’d rather have him on my side.” And with that, Emily walked off for a shower. She knew Cory’s reservations could be founded but he had grown up in a different world to her and caitlin. People like Jc, although perceived as monsters, would take care of those close to them. Taking on a mortgage, offering such a low rent and sharing their mortgaged home with them was a good deal.

Kira walked into caitlin’s room before her shift as promised.
“Hey,” she smiled at the girl who was now sitting up in bed, eating some dinner.
“Hey, thanks for coming.” caitlin smiled as Kira took a seat beside her. “Any chance there is a McDonnell’s or something nearby?”
“Food’s crap huh?” Kira smiled. Caitlin nodded as she chewed some mushy potatoes. “We definitely should go out for a drink soon. How are you doing though?”
“I’m good,” caitlin said gently. “We’re about to get a house in glendale. Should be nice. How about you? On night shifts?”
“Yes, for a few weeks. It’s good money and we need it for the rent.” caitlin nodded and smiled. “Although Jasmine’s friend might be moving into help with bills, I’m a little unsure about it.”
“Why’s that?” Caitlin asked, shovelling some chicken into her mouth.
“because it’s a studio apartment.” Jasmine laughed. caitlin nodded understandably.
“She a good friend?” Caitlin asked.
“Jasmine knows her through school. she’s from Compton originally. She’s loud but very nice. She’s a physio therapist.” Caitlin nodded, enjoying the refreshing conversation. “Like I said, lovely girl but a studio apartment but bills, you know?”
“I totally understand,” caitlin smiled warmly.
“Well, I better get to work,” Kira stood. “Thanks for the chat. Oh, and I’m going to leave my card on the table for you. we shouldn’t lose touch again.” And as Kira left, caitlin was thankful. Thankful for everything and everyone in her life. Things were changing for the better and although she’d lost Alexia, she’d gained so much.

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Episode 41

Episode 41


Caitlin awoke with pains in every part of her body. For a moment she was disoriented and wondered where she was. Then the club, the chaos and waking up with JC there, even though he’d been in jail, all came flooding back to her. So why was she so groggy and knocked out now? stirring, hearing the machinery around her, she tried not to move too much in fear of pulling a wire or something.

“Jay?” She murmured, her voice much weaker than she thought it would be.
A chair squeaked and a female’s hand touched hers.
“Caitlin, it’s OK. You’re in hospital.” She recognised the voice but couldn’t place it for a second. Her ears and brain were struggling to connect but she couldn’t figure out if that was the drugs or her memory’s fault.
“Who is it?” She asked hoarsely, licking her lips to attempt to moisten them. The dry feeling in her mouth and throat was making her want to gag.
“It’s Kira, I’m a nurse at the hospital now,” And it all clicked.
“What are you doing here?” A glass was placed into her hand and she drank the cool, wet, water with gratefulness only a man in a desert would exhibit.
“I saw your boyfriend and Emily as I was dealing with another patient,” Kira replied, wiping the young girl’s blonde hair from her pale cheeks. Kira knew she couldn’t tell Caitlin Lexie was her patient and didn’t want to upset the girl. her doctor had said her bleed needed to heal a great deal, the sutras put in place would help it heal but too much excitement could cause them to burst so she kept that trinket of information to herself. She’d missed Emily and Caitlin, in spite of herself, she knew could admit it to herself. even Jasmine, who she was living with now suggested she make contact again. Kira hadn’t realised how much the two girls had meant to her but she knew for as long as they had Lexie in their lives, she couldn’t deal with the situation. But now, Lexie was seemingly losing her faculties and the other two had washed their hands completely of her. Maybe now, she could retrieve the friendships she thought she had lost. Even JC seemed to be apologetic and seen as she’d forgiven her asshole of a brother for his many assaults on her physically and emotionally, she figured JC deserved a second chance. Caitlin was not as dumb as Kira would sometimes like to think she was, so she knew there had to be good in him somewhere. Things had changed for her friends, as they had for her in the past few months. She had made up with her brother, upon Jasmine’s continual urges to do so and she and Jaz had moved into a studio apartment in Santa Monica just before Kira had got the psychiatric nurse’s job. She had contemplated teaching but would need to do a further qualification and money wouldn’t stretch so getting the job at the hospital had been a God send. she was enjoying it. She was enjoying life and felt her new lease of happiness could open her heart to her old friends again.

At five AM, a few minutes after her shift had ended, she had been doing suicide watches all night, she’d decided to visit Caitlin. Emily and Cory had gone to Cory’s old apartment seen as Emily had no place to stay yet in LA. Then JC and his boys had said they were going to head home for a sleep so she’d taken the opportunity to sit by Caitlin. And here she was, awake and already asking questions.

“I came to see you,” Kira said watching her old friend. “Emily and JC have gone home for a bit of a rest. They were here all night until you came back to your room and had been given the all clear,” Kira told Caitlin who lay back on her pillows looking worn.
“Kira, I’m confused, is it the anaesthetic?”
“No,” Kira laughed gently. “I’ve missed you guys. But with all that had gone down with Alexia,” And kira now noted the look of disdain on Caitlin’s face at the mention of the former roommate’s name told Kira all she needed to know about Caitlin’s feelings toward Alexia.
“I understand,” Caitlin sighed. “A lot went down between us all. Did Emily tell you about it?”
“To be honest,” Kira smiled gently, wondering what on earth had transpired in order for emily and Caitlin to turn on their friend so quickly. “Emily was so worried, I didn’t ask. But I’m guessing it was something huge.”
“Alexia,” caitlin almost spat her former friend’s name. “Set fire to the house, with Callie inside. As well as getting JC locked up for something he didn’t even do. She’s lost it, Kira. Truly lost it. And I know you’re going to tell me that JC’s bad news, using phrases like “Losing it” is not appropriate until a psychological diagnosis has been provided but seriously, there has been a screw lose in that girl for a while now.” Kira smiled wistfully at Caitlin. She did know her. she knew that Kira was always harping on about correct diagnosis before jumping to conclusions and this made her happy. Caitlin and Emily did know her, they did stand as friends in her life and she had been a fool to walk away because of others Lexie and JC had pushed a wedge between them but JC seemed happy to work things out but she knew in her heart, Alexia never would. She also knew that there was some kind of break down going on with Alexia but she couldn’t confirm that to Caitlin.

“Actually, caitlin,” she smiled warmly. “JC seems alright. I guess we just got off to a bad start.”
“Really?” caitlin grinned at her. “So you like him now?”
“I didn’t say that,” Kira was seemingly more relaxed these days which made caitlin smile hugely. She guessed all the stress of studying was long gone and now Kira could be herself. “But I’m willing to give him a chance. Hey, when you’re better, you, me, Jaz, Jc, em and cory should go out to eat.” caitlin smiled gently at her. She decided Kira had definitely had a turn around since they’d last seen each other and she was thankful. sometimes, something her father had always told her ran truer than anything anyone else had ever taught her, never judge someone until you’ve walked a thousand miles in their shoes.
“That would be great,” caitlin smiled and leaned back. “what time is it?”
“Time you rested and time I went home,” Kira replied. “I’ll pop in before my shift to see how you’re doing.” And with a shuffle of feet, Kira was gone and the room was quiet. Caitlin slept.

Jay woke up with Callie wagging her tail hard against the bed and her head with her pink bear clutched in her mouth resting beside him as though to say, wake up, it’s time to get up. He stretched his arm out and patted her which only lead to more wagging and excited pouncing on her paws.
“OK, Callie-Cals, I’m up,” He looked at his clock and saw it was ten-thirty and he stretched extensively and walked down into the kitchen where the back door stood open and he could hear his grandmother singing happily outside, tending to her plants.
“Morning, big mama,” he poked his head into the yard and she looked up, beaming.
“I’ll come and do you some breakfast,” she called, wiping her hands on her gardening apron. “I didn’t want to wake you as I didn’t know what time you got home from the hospital. I take it she’s doing better?” Her dark eyes that had a watery tinge to them looked hopeful as she spoke.
“She’s doing much better, big mama,” He called from the kitchen where he was placing Callie’s food bowl on the floor and giving her the command to go and eat. “I’ll get my breakfast, thanks big mama. I’m only going to grab some toast and head back up to see her.”
“OK,” She called, returning to her rose bushes and singing merrily in the fall sunshine.

As he busied himself in the light, airy kitchen, listening to the sounds of morning flourish around him, he missed her with a heart aching retch. If only… He kept thinking. But he knew that “if onlys” never got you anywhere. Direct action was the only solution and that he would take part in as soon as she was home, safe and well.

Callie stood at the open door staring longingly into the sunshine.
“Callie?” His thick, dulcet tones reverberated around the kitchen as he called the dog’s name. She responded by pricking her floppy labrador ears and tilting her head toward the sound of his voice. “Wanna go see your mama?” To which she wagged. He was under no illusion that the dog knew where she would be going but she’d been out of sorts, like the rest of them, since Caitlin’s hospitalisation. He ate his toast while drinking a coffee standing by the counter, reading the morning paper; a habit both his grandmother and Caitlin berated him for constantly. soon after his shower, he and Callie were riding in his Chevy toward the hospital. He vowed, as he waited at a red light to buy a new car with the money that was coming in. Rico said that the books had been looking promising but JC would definitely talk to his boy about that once he knew his girl was OK that morning.

Emily woke up in the neat but bare apartment that cory hadn’t yet ditched his room in for San Francisco. Which on the outlook of things had been a wise decision. He was moving back to LA and he had been talking about getting a place with her but that was something she wasn’t altogether sure of. Maybe, if Caitlin was there, she’d feel better and how long could her friend really go on living at her boyfriend’s grandmother’s place in Compton? Emily knew she worked there but living there was another issue and the house was nice but small. She wanted to broach the subject with Cory but she was afraid he’d run a mile at the thought of living with her and her friends after the recent, horrific events.

“Em,” Cory walked into his small room, the one he’d thought he’d said goodbye to but in actual fact had never got the balls to say goodbye to it, or LA or his girl. She was sitting in her blue jeans and simple blue T-shirt, looking so adorable as always as he stood naked, wrapped in a towel. He still felt nervous in front of her. For years, he’d liked her, wanted her to notice him and now that she had, he felt like a boy in comparison. He looked at Caitlin’s boyfriend, JC, and knew he was years older than him mentally and had way more experience when it came to girls, both relationship wise and in the sex department and he still felt inferior for it. He knew Emily didn’t like JC in that way and thank goodness, or else he wouldn’t even be able to talk to her but she was a woman of the world. She’d had a few partners before him and her recent freak out session made him feel slightly inferior sexually. And then there was that trouble with the unborn baby. He half wondered, late at night, if that had been his son or daughter but the pain in his heart told him to stop thinking that way. He knew they couldn’t have gone through it for Emily’s sake and he loved her so much he’d do anything for her. Recent events would have confirmed that if he didn’t already know that to be true. Lying, turning a blind eye to JC’s behaviour with Lexie. Despite what he thought about Alexia, which wasn’t much good, he knew that some of what JC did and said was ultimately wrong and cruel but Emily was trying to keep the peace and protect herself and Caitlin so she wanted him to go along with it. And because he loved her, he did, willingly.
“Yeah?” She looked up and a seductive grin spread across her porcelain cheeks.
“Get your mind out of the gutter, Miss Andrews,” He laughed, a slight blush creeping up his neck and into his cheeks. “Why don’t we ask Caitlin if she’d wanna move with us? I mean, she needs a place to stay and you and she have been roommates before and lets face it,” he started to dress, “She’s not crazy!” Emily laughed and leaned back.
“And yo’d be comfortable with JC coming over?” Emily knew his discomfort, well some of it, where Jay Carter was concerned.
“Yeah, guess it’s better he’s on our side, right?” And for that one moment, he felt like a stupid, inexperienced boy again. But she smiled lovingly.
“Cory, if you’re not comfortable, we won’t ask Caitlin but I’d like to have her around again. And JC’s not that bad, when he’s on side. I know, ideally, she wouldn’t be with him, but she is, both in work and personally so there’s no getting away from it.” And there she was, talking like a grown up and he merely nodded reasonably. She was right, he knew it. And he also knew his paranoia was childish. JC had no problem with them and wouldn’t unless they crossed him which he knew Emily had no intention of doing and he certainly did not. Pulling a sweat shirt over his head, he looked up at her.
“OK, let’s ask them both then?” And Emily grinned and hugged him. A part of her felt as though if JC was at their place, even more protection would befall upon them.

Caitlin awoke with a weird sensation on her hand. Was someone licking her? She stirred and JC’s laughter echoed throughout the room.
“Callie?” She said with happiness reverent in her voice.
“The one and only,” He bent and his thick lips brushed her cheek. Smiling, she sat up slowly and despite the odd ache, felt better as she petted her best friend.
“Thanks for bringing her,” She smiled at JC. “Thanks for coming.”
“You gave me a real scare there, mama,” He took her hand into his. “I’m glad you’re OK.”
“Me too. How’s the club?” He laughed and dismissed her question as Cory and Emily came into the room.

“So Kira was here?” Emily smiled with warmth in her eyes.
“Yeah, she seems more relaxed,” Caitlin mused as she stroked Callie’s head and soft velvet ears.
“Not living with Lexie will do that for a person,” Cory joked awkwardly but all faces showed smiles in the room and he felt a tingle of acceptance serge within him.
“Cory’s right,” JC leaned back in the chair, his long legs striding over Callie. “She and I have bridges to mend but I think she’s a smart girl.” And the almost threat in his voice wasn’t wasted on the others within the room. But they also knew, he’d try with Kira, for Caitlin’s sake.
“Cory and I were thinking,” Emily glanced at Cory as she twisted her fingers nervously. “Why don’t we all get a place together? Us four?” JC looked at Caitlin who smiled happily and he nodded.
“Yeah, Cory and I will go on a mission to the real estate office tomorrow, how about it?” He said with nothing but friendly tones and Cory complied still slightly cautious but feeling so much more relaxed than usual.
“That’s settled then,” JC stood and picked up Callie’s leash. “Better go and see if little miss needs a potty break.” And Caitlin busted up with giggles.
“Check you out, all domesticated,” She grinned playfully.
“I ain’t hovering, polishing or doing dishes,” He mumbled as he left with a wagging callie in tow.
“It’ll be great!” Caitlin mused and Emily and she entered into a long conversation about furniture and such well past the point where JC and Cory left to play a game of basket ball at a local court.

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Episode 40

Episode 40
Losing it

“What the fuck are you doing here?” JC growled, his eyes rimmed with redness looked demonic as he looked at this girl. She smiled sweetly at him as Emily leapt from her chair and pinned her to the wall.
“If you hadn’t have said all the shit you did to the cops, he would have been with her, and this wouldn’t have happened!” She growled and enunciated every syllable as though her life depended on it. Emily’s normally calm disposition was gone and a wild, frightened creature stood in her place. Cory rose to pull her away from Alexia with a look of disdain on his face aimed at the girl. JC hadn’t moved. It was though the life had already left him. Rico stood and faced Lexie as Emily retreated begrudgingly to her seat with Cory.

“You’re not welcome here,” he said quietly and threateningly. “so if I were you, I’d leave.”
“My best friend is in hospital and you expect me to stay away,” she replied with sickly, sweet tones. Jc raised his head like a lion waking from a disturbed sleep. The look in his eyes was dangerous and predatory as he glowered at Lexie.
“How dare you!” He growled. “How dare you stand there and call her your friend. She is a million times better than you and she doesn’t want you in her life. You caused so much of this!” He waved his arm as though Lexie had been solely responsible for war and hunger.
“If you hadn’t pushed me to do it,” She began, green eyes flashing dangerously.
“Don’t you fucking dare!” He yelled now, a deep roar erupting from his throat like only an animal could produce. Rico put a hand on his arm to steady his friend and calm him slightly.
“Sir, could you take this outside please?” A small mousy nurse asked and he glared insolently at her and grabbed Lexie by the arm and stalked out with Rico and Big d in slow pursuit.

Lexie stood glowering at him. She shivered in the night’s air. Her cropped red hair blew gently in the breeze and JC stopped and stared at her maliciously.
“I should have killed you when I had the fucking chance!” He said in tones that held venom.
“Why? because I saw right through you!” She spat right back with a look of pure hatred in her green spheres of eyes.
“No, because you’re a selfish, conniving, manipulative bitch who needs to get a fucking grip on what grown up reality means!” He towered over her but Lexie tried not to look afraid. He resembled some kind of gallant knight, with his two trusty side kicks flanking him on either side. But Lexie knew differently. She knew what an evil, mean, maladjusted asshole he was and she would be damned if she let Caitlin continue to see this bastard.
“Leave it alone, Alexia,” Emily and Cory walked from the path into their shadowy place away from the glare of the parking lot lights. Emily looked worn and Lexie glowered at her.
“How could you fail our friend like that? How could you turn your back on me?” She was almost crying with desperation as she gripped the knife in her hand that she had tightly inside her jacket pocket. Emily’s eyes were filled with sadness as she looked upon Lexie.
“Don’t you remember Caitlin telling you to stay away?” Emily’s tones were drenched with sadness as she looked pitifully on Lexie. Why was she pitying her? They could resolve this! They always had in the past.
“Yeah, but, she didn’t mean it!” Lexie tried as JC sniggered arrogantly. “Fuck you!” She span and spat at him. “You know fuck all about our friendship!”
“Really?” He advanced on her, menacingly. His six, five frame, built of muscle and athleticism prowled toward her like a leopard advancing on its prey.
“Yes, really,” She tried to back away and realised she was up against the wall and there was no escape from the advancing monster toward her.
“well,” He took a deep breath and smiled a dazzling, crazy smile at her. “I sleep in the same bed as her every night, I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with her every day,” He was emphasising every syllable as he spoke. “I think I know her feelings better than you do nowadays. She talks to me, Alexia. She wants me in her life. You, she wishes I’d done away with you when I had the chance. And maybe, just maybe, that chance is presenting itself again.” She moved to pull her hand from her pocket but he was faster and grabbed her wrist. “Don’t doubt this, Alexia, I will find you and I will kill you!” And with that he released her and she went sprinting into the hospital, tears streaming down her fear stricken face.

“Nice job dude!” Rico scolded. JC smiled at him with not one worry line etching his face.
“Why?” he laughed lighting a cigarette. “Did yall see anything happen here?” And he winked at his boys and turned to Emily and Cory who had gone.
“Think they’ll split?” Devaughn asked lighting his own cigarette, his tears dried up but the sadness remaining persistently behind.
“Nah, they’re on our side,” JC smiled confidently.
“You sure?” Rico looked him up and down. Had JC lost his mind? Trusting people? “That boy didn’t look comfortable.”
“Cory’s cool, and he’ll do what Emily wants,” JC let a smoke ring blow out. “Come on, let’s go see how my baby girl is doing. Shit man, what am I gonna do if…?” But he couldn’t finish that thought. It was too painful.

Lexie ran screaming into the hallway. The young mousy haired nurse who had asked them to go outside turned from the nurse’s station looking rather alarmed at the raucous.
“Miss, what ever is the matter?” her gentle eyes looked confused by this girl’s appearance and demeanour.
“He’s going to kill me! That black guy who was yelling, he’s going to kill me. Please, help me!”
“OK, hun, come and sit down,” The nurse took her into a quiet room and patted her arm gently, making her a sweet drink and leaving to return to the nurse’s desk.
“Miss Devon?” She asked into the phone receiver. “I’m sorry to bother you but we have a young woman who is hysterical. She’s saying a man’s going to kill her.”
“I’ll be right there, Natalie,” The tired voice replied and a click told Natalie Kira Devon was on her way.

Emily sat with Cory as the boys returned and took their seats. JC and Rico looked around uncertainly for the whereabouts of Alexia.
“She came running in, screaming you were going to kill her,” Emily mouthed and he smirked and took his seat. Rico handed Emily and Cory Del taco bags.
“Got you both some food, it’s a long night,” Devaughn smiled gently and Emily nodded gratefully.
“No news is good news, right?” She looked at JC and his eyes were filled with fear and sadness. “She’s a fighter. She’ll be OK.” He nodded and they ate in silence for a few minutes. Then a quietened, despondent Alexia was wheeled into the hallway. Pushing her was a tall hispanic man in an orderly’s uniform while at the side of him was walking a beautiful black woman with braids down to her waist.
“Kira?” Emily glanced up at her. “What are you doing here?”
“I work here,” She smiled faintly at Emily as she took in the group seated in the hallway. “What are you doing here? all of you?”
“Caitlin was hurt and took a turn for the worse so she’s in surgery,” Emily replied glancing nervously at JC. He smiled gently and stood.
“Kira, I want to apologise for what transpired between us. It was a difficult time and I was out of line,” He stretched out a handsomely sculptured arm toward her and she smiled gently and nodded dismissively.
“It’s in the past. Was it you she was screaming about?”
“I’m sorry?” JC lied good, Emily thought to herself. If she hadn’t seen what had gone down outside, she would never have believed he was guilty of anything. Kira shrugged and indicated a finger at Lexie.
“I’ve given her a sedative, you can visit her later,” she indicated to Emily.
“Oh, we aren’t friends,” emily said with a sadness. “Too much water has passed under that bridge I’m afraid. In fact, we have no idea why she was even here.”
“OK,” Kira looked shell shocked and was about to leave and then turned to Emily. “I hope Caitlin’s OK.” And with that, she, the porter and the unresponsive, sedated Lexie disappeared around a corner.

“Damn!” Devaughn broke the silence. “Talk about losing it.” Rico and JC stifled a laugh because they knew it hurt Emily to see a former friend deduced to such a state. Instead, they continued to wait and JC felt irritated and frustrated that they had heard nothing.

“I’m going to find someone,” He stood, irritation etched into his handsome face.
“No,” Rico smiled knowingly. “I will. Sit.”
“I’m fucked off with sitting, what if she’s…” and the silence between the five companions grew so solid you could touch it.

“who is with Caitlin Dawson?” The nurse, known as Natalie asked from the Nurse’s station. JC and emily jumped to their feet. “Who’s family?”
“Her dad’s on vacation,” Emily told her. “I’m her roommate and this is her boyfriend.” The nurse nodded compliantly.
“She had some internal bleeding, but they’ve stopped it. She’ll be back in her room in twenty minutes. She’s just in recovery.” With a nod she returned to work and JC and Emily sat heavily but with relief back into their chairs.
“I’m glad she’s gonna be OK, dude,” Devaughn crunched contentedly on a candy while Rico stood to take a walk. Cory hugged Emily and JC knew that once she was out of hospital, back on her feet, the bastards that did this would pay and pay heavily.

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Episode 39

Episode 39

The night was dark and the disorientation even from the few days of incarceration was unnerving JC Carter. His eyes ached and his body felt heavy as he sat in the passenger seat of Rico’s truck. The good hearted man beside him had collected him and ensured that he got home, changed and they were now heading to the hospital where he would see Caitlin.
“How bad is she?” He asked sullenly, lighting a cigarette. Rico sighed heavily knowing that any answer he gave wouldn’t make JC feel any more comforted.
“The doctor’s are pleased with her progress,” he informed him.
“How is she?” The look in JC’s eyes scared the living crap out of his long time friend. “I don’t give a shit what the docs say, I wanna know how she is!” His voice was sharp and filled with fear! His face contorted with the effort to prevent the emotion falling from his eyes. Rico turned back to the wheel out of respect for his friend as he continued to weave through the busy LA streets. It was almost two in the morning and he knew they’d meet obstacles on the roads and had a suspicion that the doctors wouldn’t be too happy about letting Caitlin have visitors but JC wanted to see her and who was he to argue.

The repetitive sound of the heart monitoring machine was driving Caitlin nuts. She wondered where she was. Was Rose watching one of her hospital dramas again and she’d fallen asleep in the living room? But if that was the case, why wouldn’t it stop? Her eyelids were heavy and she rolled her head to the side, not noticing the tube across her throat as she drifted back to sleep.

The walk to her hospital room was a long one. Every stride felt as though there was lead in his timberlands. His eyes were hidden by his dark shades as he pushed open the door, staring at her still figure, tubed up on the crisp white sheets.
“Oh, my God!” He breathed, covering his mouth with a trembling hand. Her long hair was lay across the pillow with streaks of blood in its pure goldenness. Walking into the room, closing the door behind him, he was fixated on the lines bobbing up and down on the heart monitor.
“I’m so sorry!” He knelt beside her bed, taking her warm hand and wiping his cheek with the back of his other hand. “I’m sorry you were there alone. Caitlin, I love you!”
“Jay?” Her voice was hoarse. “Is that you? What happened?” Realisation of her predicament flashed across her drawn face but he placed a hand on her arm and quietened her.
“Listen, we can talk in the morning. You just sleep, and rest baby girl!” He kissed her hand, a solitary tear landing on her fingertip. She smiled and let her eyes close once more.
“Bueno Noches, mi reigna,” He kissed her cheek and walked out to the truck, lighting a cigarette as he opened Rico’s truck door.

“She’s in a bad way, bro!” JC said, staring at the lines of street lights stretching off into the distance as he took huge drags on his cigarette.
“I think it looks worse than it is,” Rico tried to console his best friend.
“It shouldn’t have happened at all though, should it?” Jay looked at his friend who leaned on the bonnet of the truck with eyes of a mad man. “You get those fuckers?”
“Yeah, they’re at lock up,” Rico informed, drawing on his own cigarette. He knew what was coming. “Not tonight JC. You need to rest.”
“Don’t tell me what I need, homie!” He growled. “I need to reek some fucking havoc on those bastards! They hurt my girl!”
“I know,” Rico said with understanding in his voice. “I know what they did. I was there. But bro, she needs you more right now. They’ll be there in a few days. Listen, we know Battle’s behind this. They told us.”
“Battle?” JC’s thick eyebrows shot up with concern. “Thought he’d left this one lie.”
“It seems he wants ultimate revenge. And attacking your business and girl seemed to be his idea of appropriate revenge. I believe they were trying to kidnap her. Big D and a few of the others are sitting watch. They ain’t going anywhere. So you are going home, having breakfast with your very worried grandmother, then coming back to the hospital to see Caitlin.”
“Since when I was I meant to listen to you?” JC asked with amusement rather than anger in his honey-cone coloured eyes. Rico shrugged knowing he was speaking sense. JC shrugged in return and obediently got into the truck. He knew Rico was right. His frame of mind was no where near in the correct state to deal with battle’s little henchmen. So Rico drove him home and he lay awake, petting Callie and missing the girl he was undoubtedly in love with.

When she awoke again, he was sitting there. she could smell his cologne and felt his hand holding hers.
“Hey baby girl,” JC’s voice was thick with emotion. She smiled gently.
“I almost thought it was a dream,” she mused as she stroked his huge hands lovingly. “What happened?”
“You were attacked,” He moved his chair closer to her.
“No, I remember that. I meant with you!” She said urgently, trying to sit up. He placed a hand on her arm.
“Lie down, mama,” He kissed her cheek. “You don’t need to worry about that. I’m out and ain’t going anywhere!”
“But?” She tried but he hushed her gently.
“Don’t worry, just get better. Callie’s missing you. So am I. That bed doesn’t feel right without you in it.” He kissed her hand seductively and she giggled.
“How’s the club?” She asked and he sighed heavily. “What? That bad?”
“No, but this is typical you. Worrying about everything but yourself. Caitlin, you could have been killed!”
“And I wasn’t,” She protested as the door opened and Emily and Cory walked in with a huge bear and some flowers and candy.
“Hey!” em hugged her and JC and Cory shook hands.
“Wanna get a coffee?” Cory asked and JC complied, leaving the girls to catch up.

“So, how you doing?” Emily sat down in the chair and put her feet up on the bed.
“Feel like a bus ran me over twice,” Caitlin cleared her throat. “But I’m OK. Just worried about Jay. He just got out of jail and he won’t talk about it.”
“Shit Caitlin, you can be such a girl sometimes,” Em laughed gently at her friend. Caitlin screwed up her face and that made Em laugh even more. “Come on, Caitlin, he’s a freaking thug. Last thing he wants to think is his girl is worrying about his ass. He can take care of himself and you know it. He knows, like I do, you should be worrying about yourself.” Emily’s tones got serious then. “Caitlin, they came after you because of him, didn’t they?”
“What have you heard?” Caitlin wasn’t sure of why the guys had attacked her. She wasn’t sure even if she had been singled out but it sure seemed like JC and Emily thought so. So had she?
“Nothing specifically but you were the worst hurt, weren’t you?” Emily looked at her friend and for the first time in her life felt a pure ice finger of fear roll maliciously down her back; Fear for her friend and her life.
“Well, I guess,” Caitlin sighed. “I have an awful feeling Battle’s behind this.”
“Why?” Emily leaned back in the chair as though gangster related problems had been a regular occurrence in her life’s line of problems.
“Well, no one in the area was a known enemy. And not even Lexie could get together that many people to attack the club. It had to be a gang related grievance, and Battle’s still got that, right?” She looked like a child lying in that hospital bed and em felt a pang of guilt. Could she have prevented her friend from getting caught up in all this? Could she have stopped this from happening? She knew the answer was no but she couldn’t help feeling like she should be protecting her best friend.

Cory and JC sat in the cafeteria staring into nothingness. Cory knew if JC wanted to talk, he had plenty of friends who would oblige that duty. so he was surprised when JC started babbling.
“If I’d been there, she wouldn’t have got hurt. I could have protected her,” He hung his head with anguish as he looked into his murky coffee. Cory sighed gently and leaned back in his chair.
“JC, there’s no point in beating yourself up over this. I know you care about her but this was out of your control.” JC’s head snapped up then and he blew out his cheeks and exhaled a deep sigh.
“I know that, Cory,” Tears brimmed in his light brown eyes as he looked into Cory’s. “But you can’t help but blame yourself.” And for that one moment, Cory understood him, and Jc understood Cory. cory hadn’t been able to protect Emily during her drunken stage and the termination and JC had been prevented from protecting Caitlin because of Alexia’s crazy accusations. Cory shrugged and they both looked down into their coffees again. Sometimes men’s actions convey more than words ever could do and even though there had never been bad blood between JC and cory, in that one moment in time, they’d been united in understanding.

Emily watched her friend as she lay quietly, thinking or sleeping, Emily couldn’t be sure. Her friend’s eyes usually were closed so Emily sat patiently waiting for her friend to speak or start snoring. Emily sighed gently. How had it all come to this?
“She sleeping?” Cory asked as he walked into the room quietly. Emily shrugged.
“Where’s JC?” She asked gently as they walked to stand by the door.
“Went for a cigarette,” Cory looked over to the blonde headed girl who he had known for years. It didn’t seem right her lying in a hospital bed with monitors on her. She was too bubbly in life for all that machinery to be monitoring her heart beat and lungs. She looked like a fragile, china doll laying there.
“He OK?” emily asked as Cory stared at the heart monitor’s red line bobbing up and down. He wasn’t sure if it was his eyes but it seemed as though the line was growing flatter. Then the alarms sounded and Emily jumped as a team of nurses came streaming in, tubes were unhooked, hooked up again and a ventilator was stuck down Caitlin’s throat. Cory saw the colour drain from emily and pulled her quickly outside away from the chaos.

“What’s happening?” Emily’s brown eyes stared like saucers as rivers of tears flowed down her porcelain cheeks. “Cory!” She cried as she clung to him. He pulled her away from the chaos and held her tightly to him as she wept. “She can’t die! Please, God, no!!!!” Emily was shaking and Cory tried to watch through the window as they worked on the girl.

JC felt a little calmer as he walked down the white washed hallway toward her room. he couldn’t wait to see her smile and hold her hands and help her get better. When he could hold her again would be the happiest day of his life. Turning the corner his heart sank and he felt the pit of his stomach open up and bile cause him havoc.
“What’s going on?” He asked Cory, his mouth drying up like death Valley.
“She arrested,” Cory stuttered clutching a weeping Emily. He pushed open the door, his legs like jelly as he saw her and the team of nurses and doctors.
“What’s wrong with her?” He choked out. “Why she, why you doing that?” He was leaning against the wall, his blood raced around his body making him hot and the colour drained from him turning him grey.
“Sir wait outside,” A nurse put a hand on his arm and then Rico was beside him, hauling his ass into the hallway and sitting him on a chair. Leaning heavily on his friend, he cried like a baby. Big D was there with a strong shoulder and a coffee with a heavy shot of brandy in it. Then he saw them rush past with her on a gurney.
“What the fuck?” He yelled, jumping to his feet.
“Sir, please, wait here, our head nurse will be over to talk to you in a few moments.” JC opened his mouth to argue but Big D and Rico settled him somehow.

Rico stared at his crumpling friend whom’s six foot five frame looked dwarfed despite the small plastic chair he was inhabiting. Big D stood by his side, waiting as they all were. The sounds were quiet now the nurses and doctors had accompanied Caitlin to the operating room. Rico stood up and began pacing. If she didn’t come through this? If she didn’t make it? Those thoughts couldn’t formulate, that he knew. He glanced over to her friend and her boyfriend who sat huddled on the opposite side of the hallway. Emily’s eyes were red and she clutched a Kleenex in her hand. The grief this girl’s death would cause was too hard to imagine. Taking a seat by JC, he rested his chin in his hands. JC was sniffling at the side of him, for once not being able to control his emotions.
“I love her, man,” He breathed hoarsely through thick emotion. “I can’t,” He choked with tears. Rico looked up just in time to see a red headed girl he knew by the looks on JC’s and Emily’s faces was not welcome.

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Episode 38

Episode 38
Locked Up

The cell door slammed shut as JC flopped onto the concrete feeling cot. Eighteen hours of questioning over a fucking abduction and GBH charge wasn’t right. He knew they were gunning for his ass. Sighing heavily, he lay back and stared up to the bright strip of light. Squeezing his eyes together he wondered how the hell his life had come to this? Screwing his fists into tight balls, he knew that if the cops did him for this, he’d be doing time. But how the fuck could they? He was with Caitlin and a club full of people. He and his lawyer still couldn’t understand how he was still here. Apparently they were concerned he would go and kill Lexie in the hospital so they were keeping him until they could clear things up. That would be a huge ass suing case he had told his lawyer as they’d spoken after the last interrogation session.

He was missing his girl and hated that he hadn’t talked to her. His lawyer promised him he’d let her know what was happening. But not seeing, her, touching her, being with her was hurting him in a way he didn’t even know was possible. Covering his eyes with his hands, JC tried to catch some sleep before the inevitable interrogation began again.

Rico was pacing up and down the painfully, brightly lit hallway as Devaughn sat hunched over in a chair too small for his huge body. Rico was scared, Devaughn non-responsive with blood all over his shirt. She’d bled so much and Rico was sure she was dead. They were stitching her up and seeing if there was any internal damage but both men were scared. Rico had left the twins with their captives. Luckily the cops had been preoccupied with the injured and the state of the club so their get away had been easy enough especially because the boys Battle had sent were merely that, boys! Rico’s eyes blinked as he watched Devaughn for a minute. The guy who many would cross the street rather than cross paths with him was huddled like a boy lost in the mall. His dark cheeks were streaked with rivers of glistening tears. Half of Rico wanted to hug him, the other half wanted to punch the shit out of him. Turning away, Rico watched the doctors and nurses around the girl who suddenly looked whiter than snow rather than her usual light, golden brown colour. Her hair was messy and matted with blood, her clothes had been cut off and removed and placed in a plastic bag while her eyes remained closed. She looked dead! Even if she wasn’t, Rico would have sworn on many occasions that night that they’d lost her and he’d have to ‘fess up and tell JC he’d not done his job properly and bear the brunt of JC’s wrath. He’d be pissed. No, worse than that, he’d be upset and hurt but Rico kept praying he would never have to have that conversation.

It hurt! And hurt like a bitch! Where was she? She could hear voices, beeping, movement around her. Her hearing was acute due to the sight lost of years ago and it was slowly coming into focus. It sounded like she was in a hospital or something to that effect. Her body hurt so bad! The fuzz that was clouding her mind cleared slightly and she could remember the sounds of gunshots, people screaming. Oh h God! The club! What had happened? Who was doing the shooting? Was everyone OK?

“She’s awake,” A voice murmured around two feet away and soon her mind was unable to think peacefully as doctors checked her vitals and asked her a series of questions.

“What do you mean?” Rico was glowering at Devaughn now as he stood holding two cups of dish water coffee from the hospital’s vending machine in his shovel like hands.
“What I said, homie,” Devaughn’s eyes glistened with tears and his cheeks blotched from the crying. “I called the jail and asked to speak to him. He has a right to know. Not only was it his club but his girlfriend, Rico.”
“And what the fuck can he do from inside, puto?” Rico didn’t often curse at his friends in Spanish, especially those who didn’t speak it but Devaughn had done something he did not like. JC would be going up the wall as it was and now he knew his girl was hurt and the club had been targeted by his rival. Battle had made JC an enemy for a variety of reasons but the main one, JC had the girl he wanted.
“Rico, wouldn’t you wanna know?” Devaughn was a fuck for doing this but Rico knew in his heart that JC would want to know. Sighing heavily, Rico took the watery coffee from Devaughn and flopped into the green plastic chair to wait for news. Heads would roll and he just hoped his wasn’t one of them.

JC’s hands clenched hard as he was put back in his cell. She’d been shot? Rico had taken the culprits with Malakai and Nate to lock up and Devaughn had driven her to the hospital. His thoughts raced so fast around his head the fluorescent lights above him seemed to dance as though his thoughts were visible before his eyes. He could no longer hear the sound of the other men on the cell block but the pounding of his blood in ears, pounding around his body with the fiery rage in his body. Slumping to the floor, he buried his head in his arms and breathed rapid, harsh, painful breaths as tried to clear his head and attempt to stop the river of oncoming tears.

“Jay,” The pain hurt so bad but she wanted him. Why wasn’t he there? Jail, that was it. She sighed heavily and the tears began to fall.
“Hey, miha, don’t cry,” Rico’s kind voice was to her left. So who was to the right?
“Hey lil mama, don’t worry, we got chu!” Devaughn’s voice was thick with emotion? sleep? She couldn’t think straight.
“It hurts!” She said trying to breathe gently. She had been grazed twice with two separate bullets but had fallen down some steps by the dance floor and had fallen into her glass so pieces of glass had been picked out of her flesh. She could still feel the prickles of the shards as she lay under the warm hospital blankets. “What happened?” She wished she could see their faces. For over twenty years of her life she’d never seen a thing but now she was lying here wishing with all her heart she could. She hadn’t had that feeling since the sight had left her after the last surgery back in England but now she wished she could see Devaughn and Rico’s faces. She knew it was bad.
“Not here, chicita,” Rico said gently. “Hablaremos m`as adelante.” She nodded and sunk into the pillows breathing calmer as the morphine kicked in.
“Does JC know?” She asked as quiet as she could. There was an awkward shuffling from Devaughn’s chair and her face hardened demanding an answer.
“What is it?” She said firmly as Rico cleared his throat and then hesitated.
“Yes, he knows,” Rico said gently. She nodded approvingly. “You think that is a good idea?” Rico’s eyebrows shot up and Devaughn shrank back into his chair, shame on his cheeks even though the girl between them couldn’t see.
“Yeah, even though it will be driving him nuts he would have been pissed if no one had told him, Rico.” She said and closed her eyes, feeling sleep overcome her. The men stood and left knowing that they would be OK. She’d confirmed their safety against the wrath of JC.

The three boys who had caused mayhem at Club Fever were all lay, tied to by shackles to the wall. The room was dim and had the feeling of a place that hadn’t been lived in for a long time. All their mouths were gagged and their eyes taped as though they were being prepared for the electric chair. The chair may have been a nicer and kinder option than what Jay Carter’s boys had planned for them.

A door opened and all of them listened intently. Then gunshots but none of them hit the three lying on the ground. Panic struck them all and one even wet himself in fear. Many male voices were laughing now as though they were in a circus act and what they were doing was the funniest piece of entertainment they had ever seen.
“so, the little boys are scared?” One asked in a jovial sneer. “How you think Caitlin felt when those shots were ringing out? She couldn’t see them coming and was hurt pretty bad because of you assholes. So they don’t like a taste of their own medicine boys?” The man’s voice was mocking and nasty as he lit a lighter. “Yall ready to show these fucks what happens when you not only mess with Jay Carter’s club, his homies but his girl?” There was a rumble of compliance and the middle boy, only seventeen had his gag ripped off.
“Before you scream,” a deep, husky voice growled in his ear. “Know I got a 9 Mil pointed at your stupid skull. So tell us, Battle set this up, Why?”
The boy shook with fear as he felt the cool metal of the gun’s muzzle press into his temple. He knew they’d kill him if he kept quiet, would most likely kill him if he told them everything but there had to be a glimmer of hope, right?
“He wants the girl. Said we had to scare her so bad she’d leave JC.” his voice shook so badly he couldn’t recognise it as his own. Not seeing the man’s facial expression was scaring the hell out of him. How would he know if he was angry or pleased with the info he gave?
“Where is he hanging these days?” The man growled again.
“Santos and lime,” The boy squeaked as hot wax or ash fell onto his skin. “Please don’t kill me.”
“Oh, I won’t,” the guy stood. “Let’s go!” he ordered as someone gagged the boy and they were all left alone again to stew. They weren’t going to die, though right?

The door to his cell rolled back as Jay woke. The light was blinding and he stared at the police officer.
“Your club was attacked last night, Mr Carter,” he said with a grin on his face. jay nodded. “Oh, of course! Your army of faithful followers would have informed you already. I’m on the way to speak to your manager to see if she can shed any light on this and don’t worry, we’ll ask her a few questions about the night Miss Dangles was released from her capture.” Jay kept his concentration on his breathing. He knew if he didn’t he would kill the smug asshole in his LAPD suit. He merely nodded and lay on his bed as the officer walked out with a cocky air to his stride. Sighing heavily, he hoped she was OK.

“Miss Dawson?” A voice spoke from the doorway as she checked her emails and messages on the iPhone Jay had got her. She turned her head to the voice and waited expectantly. “I’m officer Randal, I’d like to speak to you about your boss.”
“You better sit down, then officer,” She smiled sweetly at him. “What do you want to know?”
“Well, he’s being questioned for the abduction and GBH of a friend of yours, Alexia Daniels?” She nodded and raised her hand to stop him continuing.
“Former friend, Mr Randal,” She interjected with an air of helpfulness that he smiled about.
“You have had a falling out with Miss Daniels?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“She almost killed my guide dog, sir, and set my home on fire, so yes, she’s a former friend.” He looked shocked. Miss Daniels hadn’t mentioned this, although Jay Carter had. He’d thought he’d been lying.
“The club was attacked last night?” He half asked and half stated. scratching away on his pad, he wasn’t sure he wanted to unravel what was really going on here.
“Yes Mr Randal. We were attacked.” She answered placing her phone on the bedside table and lying back looking as relaxed as a puppy having its tummy rubbed.
“Any idea why?” He asked knowing this girl was telling him the truth or in the very least, lying like a pro.
“It’s a gang populated area, Mr Randal. People don’t always get along and so blowing up a joint is a great way to make someone go out of business.” She answered frankly and he jotted another note down. “I thought we were discussing Alexia and that night, not last night, Mr Randal?”
“I’m trying to get a fully picture, Miss Dawson,” He replied quietly. “The night of the club’s launch, anything unusual happen in regard to your employer?”
“No sir,” she smiled sweetly again. “He arrived around six-thirty, we had some food and drinks before the club opened and he was by my side all night.”
“When did you leave him?” He asked scribbling away, feeling a little uncertain about things.
“I didn’t. We live together. After closing, we walked home, you can check our CCTV system. He’ll be on it from around the 6:30 mark. We have cameras above the main entrance and staff entry ways. Feel free to check them. And we took my friend Emily with us. went to bed, and he was with me until I came into work the next morning.”
“Were you sleeping? would you know if he left you?”
“Sure, I would know. We didn’t sleep until 3:30 and it was 4 AM when Malakai came to tell us what Lexie had said Jay had done.”
“But miss Dawson, for that 30 minutes, you were asleep? Where was Mr Carter?” His voice was tense.
“In bed with me Mr Randal,” She replied so sweetly he felt like vomiting.
“You’re the girlfriend too?” He hadn’t known this gem of fact either. She nodded and he sighed.
“So I’ll let Malakai know you’re coming by the club to check out our CCTV, shall I?” Her smile was bright and he stood, ready to leave.
“Thank you, Miss Dawson.” And with one swift stride he had left the room. She smiled gently and drifted into sleep.

“Hey,” he heard someone yelling as he stirred from behind his sleepy eyebrows. “Oy, get up!”

“What is it?” Jay stood and rubbed his eyes free from sleep.
“you can go.” the cocky bastard who had been in earlier said and opened the cell door wide enough for him to leave.
“Good,” Jay walked and walked and didn’t stop until he reached the desk, signed all the paperwork, got his stuff back and continued walking feeling the anger build. He would get them, the whole fucking lot of them!

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