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Episode 40

Episode 40
Losing it

“What the fuck are you doing here?” JC growled, his eyes rimmed with redness looked demonic as he looked at this girl. She smiled sweetly at him as Emily leapt from her chair and pinned her to the wall.
“If you hadn’t have said all the shit you did to the cops, he would have been with her, and this wouldn’t have happened!” She growled and enunciated every syllable as though her life depended on it. Emily’s normally calm disposition was gone and a wild, frightened creature stood in her place. Cory rose to pull her away from Alexia with a look of disdain on his face aimed at the girl. JC hadn’t moved. It was though the life had already left him. Rico stood and faced Lexie as Emily retreated begrudgingly to her seat with Cory.

“You’re not welcome here,” he said quietly and threateningly. “so if I were you, I’d leave.”
“My best friend is in hospital and you expect me to stay away,” she replied with sickly, sweet tones. Jc raised his head like a lion waking from a disturbed sleep. The look in his eyes was dangerous and predatory as he glowered at Lexie.
“How dare you!” He growled. “How dare you stand there and call her your friend. She is a million times better than you and she doesn’t want you in her life. You caused so much of this!” He waved his arm as though Lexie had been solely responsible for war and hunger.
“If you hadn’t pushed me to do it,” She began, green eyes flashing dangerously.
“Don’t you fucking dare!” He yelled now, a deep roar erupting from his throat like only an animal could produce. Rico put a hand on his arm to steady his friend and calm him slightly.
“Sir, could you take this outside please?” A small mousy nurse asked and he glared insolently at her and grabbed Lexie by the arm and stalked out with Rico and Big d in slow pursuit.

Lexie stood glowering at him. She shivered in the night’s air. Her cropped red hair blew gently in the breeze and JC stopped and stared at her maliciously.
“I should have killed you when I had the fucking chance!” He said in tones that held venom.
“Why? because I saw right through you!” She spat right back with a look of pure hatred in her green spheres of eyes.
“No, because you’re a selfish, conniving, manipulative bitch who needs to get a fucking grip on what grown up reality means!” He towered over her but Lexie tried not to look afraid. He resembled some kind of gallant knight, with his two trusty side kicks flanking him on either side. But Lexie knew differently. She knew what an evil, mean, maladjusted asshole he was and she would be damned if she let Caitlin continue to see this bastard.
“Leave it alone, Alexia,” Emily and Cory walked from the path into their shadowy place away from the glare of the parking lot lights. Emily looked worn and Lexie glowered at her.
“How could you fail our friend like that? How could you turn your back on me?” She was almost crying with desperation as she gripped the knife in her hand that she had tightly inside her jacket pocket. Emily’s eyes were filled with sadness as she looked upon Lexie.
“Don’t you remember Caitlin telling you to stay away?” Emily’s tones were drenched with sadness as she looked pitifully on Lexie. Why was she pitying her? They could resolve this! They always had in the past.
“Yeah, but, she didn’t mean it!” Lexie tried as JC sniggered arrogantly. “Fuck you!” She span and spat at him. “You know fuck all about our friendship!”
“Really?” He advanced on her, menacingly. His six, five frame, built of muscle and athleticism prowled toward her like a leopard advancing on its prey.
“Yes, really,” She tried to back away and realised she was up against the wall and there was no escape from the advancing monster toward her.
“well,” He took a deep breath and smiled a dazzling, crazy smile at her. “I sleep in the same bed as her every night, I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with her every day,” He was emphasising every syllable as he spoke. “I think I know her feelings better than you do nowadays. She talks to me, Alexia. She wants me in her life. You, she wishes I’d done away with you when I had the chance. And maybe, just maybe, that chance is presenting itself again.” She moved to pull her hand from her pocket but he was faster and grabbed her wrist. “Don’t doubt this, Alexia, I will find you and I will kill you!” And with that he released her and she went sprinting into the hospital, tears streaming down her fear stricken face.

“Nice job dude!” Rico scolded. JC smiled at him with not one worry line etching his face.
“Why?” he laughed lighting a cigarette. “Did yall see anything happen here?” And he winked at his boys and turned to Emily and Cory who had gone.
“Think they’ll split?” Devaughn asked lighting his own cigarette, his tears dried up but the sadness remaining persistently behind.
“Nah, they’re on our side,” JC smiled confidently.
“You sure?” Rico looked him up and down. Had JC lost his mind? Trusting people? “That boy didn’t look comfortable.”
“Cory’s cool, and he’ll do what Emily wants,” JC let a smoke ring blow out. “Come on, let’s go see how my baby girl is doing. Shit man, what am I gonna do if…?” But he couldn’t finish that thought. It was too painful.

Lexie ran screaming into the hallway. The young mousy haired nurse who had asked them to go outside turned from the nurse’s station looking rather alarmed at the raucous.
“Miss, what ever is the matter?” her gentle eyes looked confused by this girl’s appearance and demeanour.
“He’s going to kill me! That black guy who was yelling, he’s going to kill me. Please, help me!”
“OK, hun, come and sit down,” The nurse took her into a quiet room and patted her arm gently, making her a sweet drink and leaving to return to the nurse’s desk.
“Miss Devon?” She asked into the phone receiver. “I’m sorry to bother you but we have a young woman who is hysterical. She’s saying a man’s going to kill her.”
“I’ll be right there, Natalie,” The tired voice replied and a click told Natalie Kira Devon was on her way.

Emily sat with Cory as the boys returned and took their seats. JC and Rico looked around uncertainly for the whereabouts of Alexia.
“She came running in, screaming you were going to kill her,” Emily mouthed and he smirked and took his seat. Rico handed Emily and Cory Del taco bags.
“Got you both some food, it’s a long night,” Devaughn smiled gently and Emily nodded gratefully.
“No news is good news, right?” She looked at JC and his eyes were filled with fear and sadness. “She’s a fighter. She’ll be OK.” He nodded and they ate in silence for a few minutes. Then a quietened, despondent Alexia was wheeled into the hallway. Pushing her was a tall hispanic man in an orderly’s uniform while at the side of him was walking a beautiful black woman with braids down to her waist.
“Kira?” Emily glanced up at her. “What are you doing here?”
“I work here,” She smiled faintly at Emily as she took in the group seated in the hallway. “What are you doing here? all of you?”
“Caitlin was hurt and took a turn for the worse so she’s in surgery,” Emily replied glancing nervously at JC. He smiled gently and stood.
“Kira, I want to apologise for what transpired between us. It was a difficult time and I was out of line,” He stretched out a handsomely sculptured arm toward her and she smiled gently and nodded dismissively.
“It’s in the past. Was it you she was screaming about?”
“I’m sorry?” JC lied good, Emily thought to herself. If she hadn’t seen what had gone down outside, she would never have believed he was guilty of anything. Kira shrugged and indicated a finger at Lexie.
“I’ve given her a sedative, you can visit her later,” she indicated to Emily.
“Oh, we aren’t friends,” emily said with a sadness. “Too much water has passed under that bridge I’m afraid. In fact, we have no idea why she was even here.”
“OK,” Kira looked shell shocked and was about to leave and then turned to Emily. “I hope Caitlin’s OK.” And with that, she, the porter and the unresponsive, sedated Lexie disappeared around a corner.

“Damn!” Devaughn broke the silence. “Talk about losing it.” Rico and JC stifled a laugh because they knew it hurt Emily to see a former friend deduced to such a state. Instead, they continued to wait and JC felt irritated and frustrated that they had heard nothing.

“I’m going to find someone,” He stood, irritation etched into his handsome face.
“No,” Rico smiled knowingly. “I will. Sit.”
“I’m fucked off with sitting, what if she’s…” and the silence between the five companions grew so solid you could touch it.

“who is with Caitlin Dawson?” The nurse, known as Natalie asked from the Nurse’s station. JC and emily jumped to their feet. “Who’s family?”
“Her dad’s on vacation,” Emily told her. “I’m her roommate and this is her boyfriend.” The nurse nodded compliantly.
“She had some internal bleeding, but they’ve stopped it. She’ll be back in her room in twenty minutes. She’s just in recovery.” With a nod she returned to work and JC and Emily sat heavily but with relief back into their chairs.
“I’m glad she’s gonna be OK, dude,” Devaughn crunched contentedly on a candy while Rico stood to take a walk. Cory hugged Emily and JC knew that once she was out of hospital, back on her feet, the bastards that did this would pay and pay heavily.


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