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Episode 42

Episode 42

JC and Cory were riding in JC’s Chevy toward a nice district in Glendale.
“Dude, the apartments are pretty pricy up this end, you know?” Cory commented, glancing around at the beautiful landscape.
“Yeah, and?” JC said, turning into a street lined with palm trees. It screamed suburban and cory gasped as JC pulled up to the kerb.
“Dude, this is totally out of all of our budgets!” Even Cory and Emily who were on decent salaries couldn’t afford this if they’d wanted to. Getting out JC dismissed cory’s protests and headed toward a man with a blue powdered suit on. Cory followed him up the steps to the porch.
“Shall we?” The suited guy asked and both men nodded. Inside they found a decent sized living room with sliding doors onto a side garden equipped with decking. a huge, white, airy kitchen full of mod coms. A decent sized dining room looking over the side garden. And a small bathroom with laundry facilities, three large bedrooms, a den, one of the bedrooms had an en suite and a huge family bathroom. Out back there was a swimming pool and plenty of grass surrounded by palm trees and a variety of flowers and bushes. It was gorgeous and ready to move in immediately. Even the master bedroom had sliding doors onto a small terrace looking over the back garden.
“So, two thousand a month going to be OK for you?” The suited guy asked. cory’s mouth dropped. between four of them, it wouldn’t be that bad until you considered the power and other bills.
“Actually, my girlfriend and I have talked about it and were recently approved for a mortgage. So, we were hoping to put an offer in. although, there is a few things that need to be seen to and my surveyor suggests you could be able to knock at least ten thousand off of the market price.” Cory’s mouth dropped even further. He was not seriously going to buy this place?

“Erm, well, I’d have to talk to,” The guy started.
“I suggest you do what you need to.” JC turned to Cory. “Come on, let the man do his business while we have another walk around.”

As they walked into the garden, cory stared at him. “You and caitlin can afford the mortgage?”
“Yep,” JC smiled looking around. “Callie would love this yard.”
“And what about Em and me?”
“well, Caitlin and I will get contracts drawn up for you guys. we were thinking 300 a month, plus bills between the four of us.”
“Why so many rooms? Surely we could find somewhere smaller?”
“Well, it’s a nice place in a nice neighbourhood and El’s face it dude, I don’t wanna sleep on the couch if I upset Caitlin one day.”
“Jc, do you really know how much they want for this place?”
“You don’t think I’ve looked into everything?” JC’s light brown eyes stared at him. “I don’t go into anything with my eyes shut dude. I know what I’m doing.” Cory’s main worry was where was he getting the money but 300 a month for a place like this was not bad rent.

“Of course dude, but this is a hell of a commitment.” Cory shrugged his slight shoulders, knowing that nothing he said would change JC’s mind. “And what about your grandma?” Cory had heard Caitlin and Emily chat about the older woman and he knew JC, despite his reputation, adored her.
“I offered her a room but the stubborn, sweet lady refuses to leave her friends, church and the local grocery store. figures he couldn’t do without her custom.” cory smiled. she sounded like a real character and he could partly see why JC adored her so. He’d never known his grandparents, from either side of his family. His mum had left New Jersey when she graduated high school and never went back. He had a feeling her mother had left on bad ground with her own parents. His father’s father had died during service in Viet Nam while his mother was much happier cruising the social circles of Boston to care about her children. His father had moved to San diego after graduating UCLA and had set up his business in san Diego where he met his wife at a mutual friend’s party. Cory was the second eldest and unfortunately for he and his sister, their parents had been no better at the job than their parents before them. He and Katie had raised themselves, she now a doctor in san Diego, he now a full time resident of Los angeles and a financial advisor. He couldn’t imagine going home. despite feeling loved and having morals instilled into him but emotionally, Katie and Cory had been capable of making their own decisions and getting on with things by themselves. Had been so self sufficient since their early teens.

And now, here he was, going to share a house with some guy he virtually knew nothing about and some he didn’t know he wanted to know much about. JC seemed so sure of himself, and so grown up but Cory was scared of this man’s abilities. He suspected that JC was capable of such brutal cruelties and if so, would he be a bully to live with? He wasn’t sure they were doing the right thing but he knew Emily wanted to live with caitlin and he knew this was a damn good deal for the location.

“Cory, what’s up?’ JC was staring at him. “You were off in dream land there, buddy.”
“Erm, just think this is a huge decision for us all.”
“well, what you and Em choose to do is your business but Caitlin and I have agreed.”
“Has she seen the house?” Cory asked but knew she’d love it anyway.
“Nah, but she’ll love it,” JC watched as the guy in the suit stepped outside.
“They’ve agreed to knock seven and a half thousand off of the asking price,” he said, wiping his sweaty brow. He looked like a nervous man and he had every reason to feel nervous around JC, Cory mused.
“Alright, good enough,” JC leaned against the wall and smiled, satisfaction playing across his features. “can you have the paperwork drawn up and faxed to me by the morning?” The guy nodded compliantly and JC smiled agreeably sticking out his hand for a shake.

Soon, they were back on the road, heading to the hospital and JC was beaming and chatting about furniture and such. cory felt as though the his brain was in a real haze as JC babbled. He had to talk to emily. He really wasn’t sure about this.

“hey!” Caitlin smiled as Jc hugged her. “How did it go?”
“Awesome,” He kissed her forehead lovingly. “I don’t think cory’s too impressed with our plan. seemed very nervy. Almost as nervous as the retail estate agent.” He laughed his rumbling laugh as she smiled. “But, good news is, we got seven and a half grand knocked off of the asking price.”
“That’s fantastic!” She hugged him. “I can’t wait to move into our own home. You sure about this?” She raised her face to him and he kissed her lightly on the lips and smiled at her.
“You’re beginning to sound like Cory,” He laughed gently. “Yes, the club’s doing great, as are my other business ventures so the bank manager was falling over themselves to give me a huge mortgage. we’ll be fine. Especially once the new club is up and running.”
“The new what?” she beamed with happiness.
“Well, I’ve just bought a club on Ocean drive in North Hollywood. It was rated a few months back so they’re desperate to sell as the owners in jail. So, I’m putting you in charge, once you’ve recovered, of course.” She hugged him tightly.

“Things are really coming good for us, aren’t they?” she kissed him with passion and he smiled warmly.
“Because of you, baby girl!” His voice was almost shy and she looked up with questions in her ocean, blue eyes.
“Caitlin, before I met you, I was running the streets and that was it. Now I’m about to own my own house and two clubs. You made that happen because you gave me faith in myself.”
“Oh, shut up,” she kissed him. “You’ve done it for your own determination. I’ve just been the support hold. as you have for me.” They held each other close for a few minutes and he smiled to her.
“I love you, you know that, right?” she kissed him hard.
“I love you too,” And leaning back, he wondered what he would have done without her.

“Why are you so unsure about JC?” Emily asked as she washed dishes at his old apartment. “It’s a generous thing they’re doing.”
“I feel like we’ll be owing him something.” cory said as he dried.
“cory, he’s in a gang, not the mob. He’s helping out friends. look, I need somewhere to stay. You’re not in that position. So if it makes you feel better, stay here and I’ll move in with them. I’m not afraid of JC. I’d rather have him on my side.” And with that, Emily walked off for a shower. She knew Cory’s reservations could be founded but he had grown up in a different world to her and caitlin. People like Jc, although perceived as monsters, would take care of those close to them. Taking on a mortgage, offering such a low rent and sharing their mortgaged home with them was a good deal.

Kira walked into caitlin’s room before her shift as promised.
“Hey,” she smiled at the girl who was now sitting up in bed, eating some dinner.
“Hey, thanks for coming.” caitlin smiled as Kira took a seat beside her. “Any chance there is a McDonnell’s or something nearby?”
“Food’s crap huh?” Kira smiled. Caitlin nodded as she chewed some mushy potatoes. “We definitely should go out for a drink soon. How are you doing though?”
“I’m good,” caitlin said gently. “We’re about to get a house in glendale. Should be nice. How about you? On night shifts?”
“Yes, for a few weeks. It’s good money and we need it for the rent.” caitlin nodded and smiled. “Although Jasmine’s friend might be moving into help with bills, I’m a little unsure about it.”
“Why’s that?” Caitlin asked, shovelling some chicken into her mouth.
“because it’s a studio apartment.” Jasmine laughed. caitlin nodded understandably.
“She a good friend?” Caitlin asked.
“Jasmine knows her through school. she’s from Compton originally. She’s loud but very nice. She’s a physio therapist.” Caitlin nodded, enjoying the refreshing conversation. “Like I said, lovely girl but a studio apartment but bills, you know?”
“I totally understand,” caitlin smiled warmly.
“Well, I better get to work,” Kira stood. “Thanks for the chat. Oh, and I’m going to leave my card on the table for you. we shouldn’t lose touch again.” And as Kira left, caitlin was thankful. Thankful for everything and everyone in her life. Things were changing for the better and although she’d lost Alexia, she’d gained so much.


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