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Episode 43

Episode 43

Jay signed the paperwork and was driving to Home depot to buy some house supplies. He knew Caitlin would want to choose the furniture and stuff but he could get a start on the decorating. Well, more to the point, his boys could start the decorating while he went into Hollywood to check the paperwork for the new club was well under way. He’d been tossing around ideas for days about the name of the place but couldn’t quite think of the perfect one. Caitlin was the brains behind these brilliant ideas, he was just the capital.

He smiled to himself as he turned into the parking lot, he didn’t mind she had the beauty and brains, he now had the money to feel as though he was worth her time. He knew she didn’t think like that but a part of him always irked when he couldn’t pay for something or buy her something extravagant. She wasn’t that kind of girl, who expected the finer things but he was the kind of guy who wanted her to feel like a princess all of the time.

Clicking the lock on his brand new Lexus, that he knew she’d freak about him buying, he walked into the store, feeling as though he’d just stepped into an exciting yet unfamiliar world of adulthood filled with fun yet responsibilities he had not yet endured.

Caitlin was exercising in the hospital physio room while she waited for Jay to get there. He’d text her earlier saying he was signing the contract and doing some stuff at the bank and would be there to pick her up around six PM. Emily and Cory were apparently shopping for furniture. Caitlin was surprised that cory had agreed to move in with them but was glad for Emily’s sake. Em clearly cared about Cory too much for anything to come between them, especially now; after all that had happened. Lifting the dumbbell, she sighed and dropped it, eager to leave and start a fresh new life.

Alexia hardly ever crossed her mind now. The deranged bitch was apparently seeking psychiatric help and caitlin just hoped it gave the girl peace. It was almost like they’d never been friends and she was just “some girl” she had once known. Caitlin knew this wasn’t true but she couldn’t think about the Alexia she had once loved and held dear in her heart. She had to move forward and put all negativity behind her. She had a huge new project to undertake and a new home to build with her man. She smiled affectionately when she thought about him.

His smell of cleanness, his shampoo and cologne fragranced her nostrils even when he wasn’t there. The touch of his huge hands, warm and solid against her skin and the silky caress of his voluptuous lips brushing along her collar bone made her tingle inside. Sighing again, and hearing a door open, she turned toward the noise and those smooth, strong hands were around her waist, her nose filled with the familiar scents of him and she felt the velvet lips brush her cheek.

“Ready to go, mama?” He spoke in his rich, velvet tones that reminded her of rich, smooth British chocolate made just for her ears, not her mouth and smiled.
“Nah, I kinda like the hospital,” She mused in feign seriousness. He laughed his booming rumbles of laughter and took her arm, bending to collect her things and they walked, hand in hand out into the early evening, smoggy, LA air. She took a deep breath in and knew that beside this man, even the smoggy, californian air made her the happiest person alive.

Emily opened the door to the new house with the key JC had dropped at her office earlier that afternoon. Some guys were on their hands and knees in the living room, laying laminate tiles. Emily smiled.
“Hey ma’am,” a short, African American guy with a pierced eyebrow called. “are you Miss Andrews? Mr carter asked us to ask if you and your partner wanted your room with this flooring or carpet?” She smiled gently and shrugged, not knowing which was her room. This was the first time she’d stepped foot in the house and she had to stare admiringly all around her. It was so beautiful. The hall where she now stood was tiled in a pattern of what looked like sand imitated tiles. The walls were in a panelled oak and the living room, off to the right was decorated in a pale terracotta that she knew as the sun set, as it would on this side of the house, would look so beautiful. Before she could answer again, the door opened and Jc and caitlin and Cory all piled in with bags of groceries. Callie was excitedly bouncing about Caitlin’s legs, eager to get off of her leash and explore.

“Hey Em,” cory smiled, his green eyes dancing with sparkles of happiness. He’d been so unsure about this but after seeing him now, she would have perceived herself to have more doubts over this move than he.

“Which is our room? These gentlemen were wondering if we wanted laminate flooring or carpet?” cory walked to the kitchen that Emily now saw was all white beside the counter tops and appliances that were black. The floor was a beach wood colour and there was a door out to a rear porch. Cory returned and lead her down the hallway to her left and entered the bedroom on the North east corner of the house that had patio doors out on to the terrace, overlooking the side garden.They didn’t have a garage as such but an old wooden building set off to the east of the house but far enough that the sun wouldn’t be disturbed from beating into their window in the morning. She could see Cory’s small Nizam parked before it, and a gleaming black Lexus just inside. Her bleu mustang was parked to the right of cory’s and she noted a small door to the rear of the building. Looking back into the room, she gasped with shock as she saw a beautiful king sized, wooden carved bed and matching dresser and desk and chair. The door opposite the patio doors was slightly ajar and she knew they had a walk in closet.
“Our bathroom is just across the hall,” cory smiled looking at her curiosity. The walls were plain but she knew Jc would have left small details like this to her and cory. Caitlin clearly had chosen the furniture, she knew Emily would love it.
“I think laminate with a beautiful rug, what do you think?” She asked, choking the emotion that rose in her throat. He shrugged in a way to say, you’re the boss and she laughed and returned to see the guys in the living room.

JC was out back, with Callie running around as she started to unpack her clothes. The master bedroom was so much more than she had ever dreamed of. Their own private bathroom, doors opening onto the back yard where the pool and hot tub were situated . Callie was having a great time running through the house and exploring all it had to offer. She’d already been into Emily’s room, ran out of their doors and found her way around the back. Luckily all the fence covered everywhere so she couldn’t escape. Caitlin could hear Jc laughing at her as he and Cory prepared burgers, sausages, chicken and shrimp on the barbecue. Emily was testing out her shower and caitlin could hear the workmen discussing girls they were “tapping” in Emily’s room as they laid the floor. JC had already had their room done and she loved it. Most of the house was wooden floors or tiled, minus the third bedroom. Caitlin wasn’t sure if they would do much with that or if they’d use it for another purpose or just for guests. It didn’t really matter. The point was, life was good and she was starting a new.

“Nice car,” Cory smiled at Jc as the taller guy bent down to pick up his bottle of corona and pat Callie on the head as she whizzed by with her new pink bear in her mouth. The last one had been burnt in the fire.
“Thanks,” Jc smiled, sitting on the ground and leaning against an orange tree that was in full fruit. Three oranges had landed on Cory already as the fall air was ripening the fruit. It was still warm, as it often was in LA so outside eating and relaxing was more than OK. “Don’t tell Caitlin, though,” JC laughed lighting up a cigarette. “I wanna know if she notices first thing in the morning, when she’s begging for her starbucks.” He leaned his shaved head against the tree and laughed his booming laugh. Cory grinned as he flipped a sausage and turned as he heard Emily’s gasp. Her porcelain face lit up in the twilight at the yard lit up in all it’s early evening glory. The back yard was beautiful! The decking leading from the patio to the paved barbecue area and path to the pool and hot tub was lit by small lights around its edgings. And the hot tub’s canopy was lit with a single huge lamp hanging from its roof while smaller lanterns stood about the pool, dazzling the backyard with ghostly white light. It cast Shadows on the trees and fruit bushes and when the slight breeze made ripples in the water, it glistened like the lights on Hollywood Boulevard.

“It’s beautiful!” Her eyes lit up and danced as she spoke. “It looks like something out of a HollyWood Movie. JC, you and Caitlin are crazy for letting Cory and I live here for such reasonable, no ridiculously cheap rent.” She smiled and they shared a sibling like look with each other.
“Friends help out friends, Em,” the other man stretched his legs out as Callie charged onto them, wagging incredulously. Emily looked at Cory and he felt a twinge of love stir in his loins. She was everything he wanted and JC wasn’t a bad guy and he’d nearly lost all of it again because of his idiocy and maybe, pride?

“All right ,” caitlin walked out of the doors that led to their bedroom. “Who’s giving the guided tour?” JC dutifully stood and walked to her.
“Come on mama,” He kissed her cheek and expertly oriented her around their new yard. Cory plated up some food and felt her hand on his back.
“Thank you!” Her lips hardly moved as she spoke but the look of happiness said more than words ever could. His heart sang at the look in her eyes and he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. Her small frame fitting into his arms as he knew it always should.
“No, thank you,” He kissed her tenderly as he ran his fingers through her short hair. “For hooking us up.” He imitated Jc’s usual way of speaking and she burst into giggles as they were joined by Caitlin and JC.

Sitting down beneath the moonlit sky and the backdrop of the most sparkly city at night on earth, Emily and Cory, JC and Caitlin ate their dinner and enjoyed each other’s company, finally feeling like their dreams were within arm’s reach.


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