Posted by: MJ Phoenix | December 1, 2011

Episode 45

Out and In

JC was sitting at the island, eating his dinner as Cory strode in.
“Hey dude,” cory smiled looking at the healthy dinner before him. “nice!” He winked at JC. “Your grandmother make you a plate?”
“Nah, if big mama made me a plate, it’d be filled with corn bread, collies and rice and beans, not salad and ham and a baked potato,” JC returned, prodding the offensive baked potato with his fork. “Caitlin cooked dinner for us. I think she felt guilty and decided to be nice to me for deserting me and to you for taking Emily away from you.” Cory laughed and took his plate from the side.
“That was pretty thoughtful of her,” Cory smiled, digging into the most nutritional meal he had eaten in weeks.
“Yeah, that’s my girl. Poor Emily looked like she would fall asleep before nine. I’m not sure where caitlin gets this energy from.” JC finished his dinner and stood to wash the plate. “How long have you known them both?”
“Emily, around six years, Caitlin about five. She’s always been an energiser. And a party animal. Emily can take it or leave it. Usually take it where caitlin’s concerned. They’re so close.” Cory smile thoughtfully to himself about the years of memories they shared between them.
“Yeah, they sure is tight,” JC put the plate and cutlery onto the drainer and walked to the TV. “Into basket ball?” He looked over his shoulder at Cory who smiled.
“I have to say the Lakers are my favourite,” cory wasn’t incredibly into sports but he did like to watch the Lakers play.”
“Awesome. Then the girls did us a favour,” JC turned on the LCD set and threw himself back onto the couch as Cory finished up and joined him with a few beers.
“That’s my man!” JC took his gratefully and they settled down for a quiet night in.

Ebony was in the midst of fun times. Caitlin and Emily weren’t the weird white girls she had anticipated. Growing up in Watts and compton, she had an innate dislike for any one of different ethnicity but caitlin and Emily were a scream a minute.

“So you’s datin a nigga?” Ebony asked as Caitlin, she and Emily clicked their way into the ladies at the first club.
“Yeah, I guess I am,” Caitlin’s smile portrayed nothing but adoration for the man she was in love with. Ebony smiled appreciatively. Jasmine and Kira had said he was a gangsta and here this girl was, totally head over heels. She wondered if she knew what he was about?
“What he do?” ebony asked as they all reapplied some lipstick and gloss.
“We’re just setting up another club,” caitlin replied, expertly correcting the smudges on her lips. “We opened one in Compton a few months ago. Viva, do you know it?” She turned her head to ebony and ebony almost fell backward on her killer heels.
“Your man is Jay carter?” She sounded utterly flabbergasted. Her heart raced as the blond girl looked confused and Emily stared with an air of inquiry.
“Yes, why?” Caitlin’s tones were frosty now. Shit! Ebony thought, she thinks I’m an ex.
“Jay Carter is my cousin,” Ebony laughed now and so did the other two girls after a moment of stunned silence.
“No way!” caitlin exploded with joy in her eyes. “so is Rose your grandmother?”
“Nah, I’m his cousin on his pop’s side. My moms is his auntie. But she died of cancer sixteen years ago and I lived with my big mama in Watts after that so didn’t see Jay until I was eighteen. Was close to his sister though at one point.”
Caitlin nodded. She knew she hardly knew anything about JC’s lineage but she appreciated ebony sharing her story with her.
“Well, its good to finally meet you,” caitlin hugged Ebony and Ebony marvelled on the girl’s beauty both inside and out.

They returned to the dance floor where Kira and Jasmine were flying around to a club beat. Caitlin and emily grabbed a drink while ebony went out for a smoke. Sitting down, she saw Jasmine come outside.
“So you OK with caitlin and emily?” Lighting up a cigarette, Jasmine eyed ebony. She knew her feelings toward some people because of the colour of their skin and had told Kira it may not be a good idea to invite her but Ebony had joined them anyway.
“They are freaking cool!” ebony giggled. “And, you didn’t tell me my big cousin was doing Caitlin?”
“I didn’t know,” Jasmine raised her perfectly pencilled eyebrows and blew out a smoke ring. The air was getting chilly now and she felt the goose bumps start on her arms.
“Yeah, he’s doing her big time. She must have a lot of money. Wondered where he’d got the green from to start his business.” Ebony’s dark eyes flashed with confidence and Jasmine shrugged ignorantly.

“Hey,” emily smiled as the other three joined them. “Its crazy in there and we should be getting onto another club soon for Miss thang’s research,” she indicated Caitlin and the blond laughed.
“You guys can stay if you like this one,” caitlin offered. “Your choice. I just need to figure out the locale.”
“Oooh, check you out, knowing all the business terminology. How many do you own?” ebony laughed indulgently as Emily and caitlin glanced at each other.
“I don’t own any businesses,” Caitlin responded. “I am a qualified events manager and that’s why your cousin hired me to run his clubs.”
“His clubs?” ebony repeated disbelievingly. Standing up and putting out her cigarette with the heel of her giant shoes, she stared incredulously at Caitlin. “You didn’t put up the capital for the clubs?”
“No,” caitlin responded knowing she would say no more. JC didn’t like people knowing his business. “Em, we better go.” Caitlin linked the brunette’s arm and looked determined to leave. Emily complied without hesitation.
“Where he get it then?” Ebony followed them with Jasmine and Kira not far behind as they walked toward another club.
“That, is none of your business,” caitlin turned directly to face ebony. “I know you’re saying you’re his cousin, but I do not know you are for sure and his business is his alone, so drop it!”
“Tough cookie, ain’t you?” ebony laughed now. “I can see why he chose you.” Caitlin shrugged and turned to walk on. “He’d be proud of you,” ebony called after her. Caitlin didn’t even turn to look at Ebony, afraid she had said too much.

A few beers later, cory and JC celebrated the Lakers win and decided to go their separate ways for the night. JC opted to stay in the living room with Callie while Cory retreated to bed.
“At least you won’t desert me, will you, Callie-Cals?” He scratched the labrador’s ears as his phone buzzed. He looked and it was a text from caitlin.
“You OK? Met your cousin, ebony. She was asking a lot of questions about your finances.” He nodded to himself.
“I bet she was!” He mumbled as he replied to the text.
“Say as little as possible without acting shady. She’s OK, just a nosy bitch! Miss you mama! x”

Placing her iPhone back in her purse, as Emily and Caitlin waited in line, Caitlin felt better knowing she hadn’t said a lot. Ebony was babbling about how long the line was and Jasmine was saying this club was a dive anyway and she couldn’t understand the length of the line. Caitlin shivered in the cooling night’s air and Emily nudged her and whispered out of the side of her mouth.
“You OK?” Caitlin gave her friend’s arm a gentle squeeze in response as the line moved forward again. A few guys went dashing past as a police officer was chasing them down the street.
“Is that that famous rapper?” Jasmine had turned her head so fast you would have thought it was a spinning top.
“Who?” the four girls inquired with intrigue.
“dude from Compton,” Jasmine replied unhelpfully.
“Because that narrows it,” Ebony sniggered. “who?”
“The one who you said tried to do you when you were in high school.” Jasmine responded and they all laughed, having only heard that story earlier that night.
“Oh, my God, are you for real?” ebony exploded, now trying to stand higher than her heels would permit as a yellow lambo streaked down the street and Ebony hollered, “Its coo boo, I got you!” All the girls exploded with laughter and the line moved inside.

It was two thirty in the morning when callie nudged JC’s hand. He woke up groggily and realised the dog hadn’t been out. He’d fallen asleep so he got up and let her out while smoking a cigarette. Glancing at his watch, he noted the late hour and knew she hadn’t come in yet. She’d have woke him. He felt his stomach knot in anxiety and hoped she was OK.

“Six clubs!” emily was declaring as they drove home. Caitlin was exhausted but wide awake with excitement. She was already compiling a floor plan. “So, were those six clubs worth it?” emily grinned as they turned into their street.
“Yes, Em, our record breaker of a clubs visited was definitely worth it!” Caitlin grinned as they pulled to the driveway. “So, hope you got a bloody good badge on 4 Square for your six clubs visited.” The girls giggled as Caitlin put her key in the lock. Callie was waiting by the door as she walked in and Emily closed and locked it behind them as both girls removed their shoes from their sore feet and gave Callie a cuddle each.

“Better get to bed,” Emily yawned, feeling the tiredness hit her. “I have work in five hours.”
“Me too!” Caitlin covered her mouth as she gave a huge yawn.

Walking into the kitchen, to get a glass of water, Emily grinned. “Wow, they washed dishes!” She sounded surprised and caitlin grinned broadly as she waved goodnight to Emily, shoes in hand and golden dog following behind with her teddy bear.

He heard the door open and Callie go straight to her bed. The En suite bathroom door closed and he rolled onto his back, waiting for her to return. The clock said 3:10. He hoped she’d had a good night, but not too good. Only seconds later, she was climbing beneath the sheets, putting her phone on the bedside table. Her long hair, spreading on her pillow as she lay down, a smile on her face as she rolled to face him.
“I missed you!” She whispered as she rested a hand on his chest.
“I missed you to, mama!” He pulled her tight in his arms, her cool body shivering as she touched his warm one.
“Hey!” she kissed him with such love. “How was your night?”
“Lakers won!” He laughed gently as she grinned at him. “By the look on your face, tonight was a huge success?” He traced his hands up her slender back.
“Yes,!” she said without a pause mirroring his movements as she sensually felt her way up his muscular back. “Six clubs and many ideas I have don’t even exist in one of them! Emily is very excited about her six club visitations. Ask her about it in the morning.”

Kissing her in response, he pulled her tight and whispered, “I love you!” She kissed his neck and breathed in the scent that always comforted her as she snuggled down to sleep.

Emily walked into her room to find Cory fast asleep. Slipping beneath the covers beside him, she kissed his cheek and watched the moonlight as it drifted like a ghost through the room.
“Night cory,” She touched his hand that rested on her pillow as she snuggled down beside him feeling like finally life was coming back to her.


  1. Always a great read the angels dreams. I’ve been looking everywhere as i had in my favourites for so long and i just woke up one morning to see the page wasn’t working as it had done for a while but now i’ve found it again it was good to catch up after a couple months. It’s always a good read

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